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Anybody else here goes camping?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by XG, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Just curious, if any of you guys go camping with your bikes?
    And know of any good camping spots around Vic?

    My gear fits mostly in a backpack... thank gawd for that.

    Heres a pic of a outting not that long ago.. up my way @ mount franklin.



  2. Hmmmm me loves camping, Bright was a good spot, theres too many to mention in Vic..

    Foxy (another Matt)
  3. I enjoy motorcycling riding mixed with camping although these days most of the camping/bike riding I do is at motorcycle rallies (and I don't get to near as many of those as I'd like to due to other committments).

    But yes a bike in the bush with the basics is just plain fun :)
  4. I love camping, but havent done for a very very long time. Theres a beautiful (but extreamly cold in october) ground up out past creswick (cant remember the name of the town) but I wouldnt go there at the end of october unless you can stand the cold, wet, and a hundred pagans celebrating beltane!
  5. Yep love camping out
    At the supers, GP :D
    Even in the bush some times.

    If you want to combine it with a good ride, then I would suggest (and recomend) go up to the Blue Duck Inn area out of Omeo. Great camping sites by the rivers, nice roads but do it in the warmer times or you'll freeze :LOL:
  6. Yep, I love camping - have been camping for many years.

    There are lots of great spots in Vic...surely too many to name, but my favourite ones are:

    Big river along the Eildon Jameison road, Big River state forest down near cumberland junction, Pineapple flat on the King river, Marysville state forest on the Taggerty river.

    Any of those places make me happy :D

    I'm a keen fisho too, so fly fishing at these spots is great as well ;)
  7. I've only camped 3 times in Vic.

    Grampians for a week during May last year and it was lovely there. Gets a bit cold at night so you'd want a 0ish, -5 degree sleeping bag. I'm going again in May for another week of rockclimbing :)

    Great Ocean Road, there's alot of spots along there (legal/illegal) if you want to hunk down during the night and wake up to a perfect views.

    Puckpunyal, lol no comment. :p
  8. I used to live near the Grampians and know first hand how cold it gets *shivers*
  9. we camp heaps here in nt but it's bloody hard carrying 10 cartons of stubbies on the bike.
  10. I havent yet combined my camping and riding; but am keen to give it a shot.
    I managed to get my tent on my back under my back pack; so im guessing with the bare essentials for clothes etc then it might be possible (& fun :) )

    I usually go camping with a few people up on the Murray just outside of Cobram. Waterskiing, drunken antics, peach picking (whilst drunk)... i love every year we do it. :D
  11. Instead carrying a tent on your bike, try a bivvibag. It's very light and takes up little space, breathable, waterproof, obviously not as roomy as a tent but does the job fine. The great thing is it takes 5 seconds to set it up unlike a tent.

    You can check it out at


    I've been using it for the past year and I highly recommend it. :)
  12. That just looks like a good ol fashion Swag :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  13. i go camping @ blackwood,however i go on the dirt bike with partner
  14. Hey, thats a decent idea.
    I'm not a claustraphobic but i dont think i'd get along very well with one of those... i have a tendency to roll over ALOT whilst im sleeping. ;)
  15. Great pic Xg. Me and a mate go out heaps. Is that all you take, just a tent? what about food, cooking, cleaning etc. We've got things down pat, almost everything but the kitchen sink and all very compact.
  16. Thanks Mick,

    I usually take the following aswell

    sleeping bag -5 rating (very compact)

    Sleeping Mat one of those compact ones....

    Compact air filled pillow.... or jacket if i forget to bring the pillow.

    Ttriangia stove cooking set... very compact and cooks stuff very well. http://www.ozrider.com/images/trangia.jpg
    And usually sausages bakebeans and onions... least i know the bears wont come near me while im farting me socks off :)

    I must admit i usually try to find a place which has water access too... and ususally boil the water in the pan and clean it out :D

    Odd dirty magazine and camera :p :) *so who wants to come camping with this dirty old man* :D

    Mobile phone... lol the internal light is bright enough to light up inside the tent so thats a bonus...

    Oh yeah pocket radio.



  17. Hey keep the noise down will ya!

    I live just across the river. I mean over the river :p
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I wouldn't really like going on a bike. Being a girl, I would need one of those bike trailers to bring everything I need :eek:

    But I like to go camping and bringing dirt bikes along. Licola is fantastic in the warmer months. :D
  19. Growing up in Darwin, there wasn't much else to do...every long weekend in the dry, it would be straight "down the track" and out to Litchfield, Katherine Gorge or Kakadu... :LOL:

    I love the type of camping where u get to pitch ur tent near the waterhole/waterfall...and get to fall asleep to the sound of water and wake up to the smell of the bush and the sounds of birds chirping away....and where u are actually surrounded by the bush...and not other campers/4WDs/tents etc.

    Not been camping much since I moved to Melbourne...and am missing it terribly...