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Anybody else get a ticket on the ride to Daylesford??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dannyboy, May 26, 2008.

  1. Well... after 8 years of driving a car and breaking speed limits on the odd occasion on the freeway (outside of rush-hour of course), it took only four weeks for me to get a ticket on my bike!!! ](*,)

    The offence? 60kph in a 50-zone on the main street of Hepburn Springs while we were on the Daylesford ride two Sunday's ago!

    So a couple of questions, did anybody else get a ticket? And did you make the mistake of assuming the main strip was 60??

    The camera was right near the pub where we had lunch (on Main Road, between 6th & 8th St), so it'll be interesting how many other victims there are...
  2. I Just cannot believe you could be so reckless .. I mean 60kph on the main street :shock:
    Damn this state is just too heavily policed, it's all about fcuking revenue :evil:
    Sorry to hear you got nabbed
  3. They can't answer.

    They died.


    Dangerous you know.
  4. Or you could try out this dudes plan. Backfired on him though.

  5. Sorry to hear Dannyboy, no ticket for me yet and I probably would have been doing the same as you, I thought it was 60k's. Maybe worth paying for the photo proof, if there are other bikes in the shot then you could ask them which one the camera had locked on. That is enough to get it withdrawn sometimes.
  6. Well, if the camera was in the position I think it was in, GreyBM was in front of me at the time, so maybe I can blame him! :p
  7. If there are two vehicles in the shot travelling in the same direction, if you say you'll be taking it to court they'll likely withdraw it.

    You can view the photo free of charge at the city traffic camera office. Make sure you ask to see the full unedited picture, and not the zoomed in close up that they like to edit and show as if you could've been the only possible vehicle in the frame.

    Also, in a main street, where there are other vehicles and radar reflections off parked vehicles, any decent traffic lawyer could argue the point well enough to get you off, but it'll cost you more. For some, the sheer principle of the matter is important though.

    It all depends. If you know you were guilty of it, then you may as well pay it. If you have any doubt as to its accuracy, then feel free to take it to court and fight the charge. Too many people just surrender and pay the fine 'cos it's too much hassle to do it the hard way, and this is exactly what the government counts on with respect to how they've set up the mandatory penalty system. For many it becomes a matter of economic rationalisation.
  8. s***!!!! i'm on the one point challenge and get all my points back in 5 weeks...!
  9. That sux Dan! I hope when I get back to Melb there isn't a nasty surprise waiting for me in the mailbox :mad:

    I think I was doing more than 60 there... :oops:
  10. God I love Victoria. :(
  11. Despite all the suggestions being posted on how to ty to get out of the fine the question needs to be asked where you in fact doing 60 in a 50 zone??

    I haven't got a problem if a shopping strip has a lower limit what annoys me is when said shopping strip is a major through road like driving through Holbrook on the Hume.....
  12. Welcome back bro.

    Its not the same having you away :wink:
  13. Aw shucks :oops: It's nice to have my privilages back :wink:

    Just checking my email etc one last time before I head south again out of Sydney this morning to Kiama.
  14. Have a safe trip bud.

    * apologies for the hyjack OP *
  15. What the ???

    Commiserations dude.

    I haven't got a suspiscious letter yet... hope I don't.

    Welcome back Dougz!
  16. bugger it, I'll hijack my own post too. Welcome back Dougz! :p

    With respect to the fine, I'll hapilly admit to doing 60, the point of contention is whether that road should be signed 50kph given it's a wide, main road heading out of the main township with retail buildings in conjunction with residential premises. If they want to make that a 50 zone it should be appropriately signed.

    The whole idea of 50 zones was to protect pedestrians (particlarly children) who would run onto the road unexpectedly. A road that wide where cars can angle park and you still have room to fit a truck through hasn't got hidden spots for kids to jump out from behind. Hell, the kids could have a bloody cricket match on the side of the road and not get hit! There's my two-cents...

    I'm also pi$$ed off because I wasn't paying enough attention to what was around me at the time and didn't see the damn camera, so much for being more aware when you're on a bike :roll:
  17. Sixth and Eighth are just past the pub where we stopped, so you must have been photographed as we were leaving. You must have blipped the throttle taking off. Do you remember if you were in a group then Dan, or on your own?

    I didn't get over 49 Km/h until over a kilometre down the road, once we were in the twisties. I can't think why that would be a 50 Km/h zone, and I can't recall 50 signs. From my GPS log, I can see that I rode up to where we parked at 57 to 63 Km/h, all the way from the turn on to Vincent street, which means that I thought it was a 60 Km/h zone (unless the signs were well hidden).

    I can't think why the speed limit would have dropped to 50 Km/h just past the pub, although there is another large building with parking spaces just after Sixth street on the left, which may be shops or something, which may warrant the speed.

    I would be investigating the signs up there before paying, in addition to viewing the photo as suggested.

    If you can't get out of it that way, you could ask for your one "please let me off this ticket, I'll be good" on this occassion, unless you want to keep that in reserve.
  18. I should also have mentioned. I arrived at the pub at 1:24 pm, and left at 3:22 pm, so your ticket should be around 3:20 pm. If it is not, something is fishy.
  19. Just send them a letter saying you were on a learner friendly netrider ride and so would not have exceeded the posted speed limits. And that they should scrap the camera and sack the operater for even sugesting such a thing.