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Anybody done the Nurburgring??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Was just watching "Top Gear" on cable and they had this video of people riding/driving around the old 14 Mile Nurburgring circuit in Germany. You can pay 5 Euros and do a lap around the fearsome Eifel Mountains circuit. There were HEAPS of bikes running around as well as ppls in cars.

    Have any forum members ridden/driven around the Nurburgring?

  2. Only on "Gran Turismo", very unforgiving track.
  3. Got a mate over in Perth who has taken a car around there and is returning in the next few weeks to give it another go.

    Check out the Euro trip vid for a bit of footage of the track and a bit of unnessecary clowning around as well.

  4. Wowsers, 494 mb!!!
    I'd better check first and see if I've got that much room available.
  5. That musta been amazing. These days it's all posuers in their Porsches and wannabee Rossis from what I saw on the tube.
  6. There's a Nissan Skyline DVD out that shows one of the Nissan Europe engineers driving the 'ring in slightly wet conditions; he passes lots of other vehicles and most of them are bikes!
  7. Ghostrider 3 it's got him and some other guy doing a lap or 2 with an onboard cam, love the way they let cars on the track at the same time lol
  8. I have a vid link of a hotted up M3 doing its thing around the track in Multimedia :D

    Cheers 8)
  9. After reading the sports-tourer review article in the latest TWO magazine I doubt I've got the balls to do that track. It sounds like it's more dangerous that road racing. :p
  10. It's an awesome 22-odd km....conditions vary drastically, sunshine to snow on different parts of the track.
    A long straight downhill with a concave concrete bridge before a steep climb whacks the gut into the socks....then it pops out the eye-sockets at the following crest, just as the tracks does a quick, sharp left/right....here's lunch :p

    Quite a few of those places...then there's the endless climb back towards the pits, in anything below 300hp (cage) it NEVER seems to end.
    Some of the steeply banked corners are virtual G-"clamps", eye-poppers of the first grade.
    Awesome track with a fearsome record for fatalities....
  11. Yip, I've done it twice.

    The first time was on a stock ZX-10 with stock tyres, the second was on the same bike with a Stage One Dynojet tune and sticky tyres. The really bizarre thing was that the track is shared with bored business men in jags, pensioners in coaches, maniac bikers, and on one occasion a set of European journalists doing a 'Master Bike' type feature.

    My over-riding memories are of:

    1. Completely unsigned bends that take you by surprise and virtually make you sh1t your pants
    2. Absolutely always getting the banking wrong
    3. Almost completely destroying the sticky tyres after three laps (it's a long circuit)
    4. Hitting a blackbird on the last long straight pulling about 150-160mph I guess. I found the wing neatly tucked behind a piece of fairing whilst cleaning the bike a few days later.
    5. Thinking I was 'on the limit' when a German journalist rode around the outside of me on an RC30
    6. Bits of fairing and car neatly stacked up in the hedges next to each tricky corner

    Ah, them were the days.............
  12. Pensioners in coaches, eh?

    Who says the Germans have no sense of humour! :LOL:
  13. LOL, wimp.
    I'm planning on making a road trip across to it when i'm over in the UK in 18 months (or whenever it is) time. What vehicle?

    With my brand spanking new Trumpy or should funds permit, a 2nd hand TVR.
  14. mate of mine won a compettion earlier this year with BMW OZ
    ..3 days on a new BMW sports bike riding around the 'Ring
    air fares accom and new BMW riding suit and helmet
    he rides a Kawasaki ...normally

    to say he was stoked is an understatement
    but he was disappointed he only got up to about 250.... :p
  15. Just about everybody!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I'd just like to do it so that I coluld say I'd driven the same track as Fangio's unforgettable German GP victory in 1957. Some say that that was the greatest GP ever.
  17. Nope, haven't "done" the Nurburgring :(

    I rocked up there in a rented BMW530 with my girlfriend to have a look. Was the end of some sort of race and there were all these porches and other track cars on trailers (porche GT3 cup being towed by a Cayenne Turbo is a fantastic sight :D )

    Anyway, the track was still wet due to drizzles and I chickened out taking the Hertz beemer for a thrashin :(

    would have only cost 15 Euros for a lap, I think 30 Euros for 3........

    I hate regrets........
  18. Supposed to be an awesome course. I think this used to have the corner called the Washing Machine, used to dive into it as a downhill right handed decreasing radius and then all of a sudden turned into an uphill left handed adverse camber. I did have some footage of Barry Sheene going round it, absolutely terrifying...:LOL:
  19. Not on a bike.

    Have done a few laps in a mates Opel Manta though.