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Anybody currently using a bell helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Disco Spider, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. I used a bell helmet in London (cerwinske star, very cool) and after trying all the helmets that can be bought locally, the bell is by far the best fit.

    So I'm wondering if anyone is currently using one (especially in Victoria), and where/how you got it?


  2. I like the Star Carbon Helmet - Black Beauty by RSD, might check them out, thnx
  3. Great feature :) I know it doesnt take long to change a visor, but it eliminates having to carry one around. Like it. I've only ever used the Shoei XR1100, the TZR and Shark before that. I was on the net looking at helmets when l saw your post. Definitely will check them out :)

    Do you know how they are with speakers? I found there was no provisions in the TZR and could be quite painful so l went to the XR1100. I use a sena headset...
  4. I currently have a Shark which I am very happy with but recently I have tried on Shoei, RHOK and Bell and I have to say the Bell felt fantastic. Price wise it was good value for money.
    I haven't ridden with one on but unless the new Shark helmets float my goat I will definitely consider a Bell.

    Peter Stevens is where I tried the Bell on but I am sure they will not be he only stockist.
  5. A good review.

    I don't own one now, will most likely buy an RS-1 in the following week.

    No idea how it plays with Sena headset, the Bell importers are importing at a very good price!
    Just hoping they've got a design I actually like
  6. The best review I found was on NR here.

    I own and use the Bell Star Carbon helmet with the Sena 10 and its a great setup. I agree with most points of the review I linked and I also used to use a Shoei XR1100 - so have a read ;)

    Edit: I also have the transition lense and its friggen awesome. It doesn't go quite as clear or dark as the stand-alone lenses, but it still does a really good job and the transition appears to be very natural.
    The only problem I've had is the lense getting darker than I'd like on overcast days where the UV must still be high.
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  7. Thanks for your input Jez, I've got a few questions for you:
    How long do you find it takes to change from one extreme to the other?
    How does the lense deal with tunnels in daytime?
    And how do you find it deals with oncoming highbeams at night-time?

    Haha, thanks, definitely worried about the lense blacking out due to oncoming traffic on a night-time highway :p
  8. Go the RS-1, it's right between the race breed top of the line & the lower end. Check out the Revzilla review here:

    This is the helmet I currently own.
  9. The lens stay clear at night. Its not the headlights that cause tinting it s the combination of UV and sunlight. The transition is the best thing in the market IMO I have found it dark enough on the 40C days and clear enough at 10pm at night.
    transition time is about 1-2 minutes to max but you will not notice it. By the time you have the helmet out of the house and on and jump on the bike its tinted its tinted enough to be comfortable
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  10. If your using the helmet in Oz you need to buy from an Aus dealer. Australia has different safety standards. The Australian version of the Helmet meet these.
  11. Does this sound like a good deal?

    Bell RS-1 RRP 450AUD
    Bell Photochromatic Visor 180AUD

    Both of them together for 570AUD.

    Has anybody managed to get a better deal at all?
  12. I thought the idea of the photochromatic visor was great and very practical but I like a tinted visor where drivers can't see me.

    I'm really tempted to get a Bell Star Carbon after seeing one last Tuesday at the NR learner ride however after trying one on today the salesman said it wasn't a perfect fit and that i'm more suited to Arai. Defeats my reason to change because I'm moving away from the RHOK as it's too noisy and the visor hits the helmet everytime it opens making it difficult to open and close as well as scratching the helmet...
  13. Did you try 1 size lower then what you normally wear? I found when I tested the Star I had drop a size compared to Shoei and Arai.
  14. Nah, I tried a medium which is what I have in KBC (VR2R) and RHOK. Should I try a size bigger? I thought the helmet was really comfortable compared to the other helmets he offered but he said when I had it on that it was too close to my eyebrows and my peripheral vision would be reduced.
  15. interesting, I going to say the sales person made a good call. I went lower 1 size as the medium swam on me almost. I have about 2 fingers between eyebrows to helmet top.
  16. I was close to getting a new bell yesterday. They do look pretty splendid, I think I tried the large but felt it a little too tight and the medium a bit too loose, but it didn't fit quite right. Could have rectified that with new cheek pads or something, but the salesman gave me a HJC IS16 to try and it fit snug. The drop down sun visor is a nice little touch, too.
  17. So your head is too big for large but too small for medium? :confused: