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Any1 into Photography??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ratbag, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Sorry I thought the question :?: :?: was

    :D Any1 into Pornography :D
  2. Me too when I first saw the topic....
  3. and you were going to reply "yes, my real name is Dirk Diggler"

    am i right? or am i right ? :p
  4. Can I answer yes to both? 8-[

    My best shot was of a bonfire, taken on Pearl Beach, NSW, during one of many beach camping trips. Don't remember taking the pic - for more than one reason, but it's fantastic. Unfortunately I don't have it here in Vic to show you....
  5. I am - I actually do a little bit of semi-pro contract work as well. Never tried shooting a motorbike yet, but I'm sure I'll have MANY opportunities this summer.

    If you click on my WWW link you'll get my site with some photos on it. Some I'm quite proud/fond of, some are pretty average though. Haven't put new ones up for a while.
  6. I do some sport photography, the occasional wedding and have done some freelance commercial/industrial work.

    I don't have any of my shots on the net at the moment. I am trying to get some space for a folio. Let you know when it happens.

    Current gear is based around a Nikon D100.
  7. Voyager and MartyH , nice photos, enjoyed checking them out

    Martyh, it was nice of the pros to lend the teles, you have the corner shots nice and sharp well done.

    Voyager, nice compositions on the landscapes, would be nice to set up a bike on that portrait shot titled "Empty Road" with the bike just entering the shot on the 1st corner, leaving the road before him to lead the viewers eye to where he/she is about to go.

    some good pics on the other links posted also by flipper and groberts too
  8. Ratbag ,
    the link i put up is to a thread of gp photos that trapdoor took , i think hes a proffessional photgrapher
    the photos are unreal .
  9. Thanks Ratbag - you can probably tell from my site that landscapes are my favourite subjects. Can't wait until I can afford new wide-angle lens for some serious vistas.

    I have a shot of Empty Road with a 4WD on it, but to be honest, I felt there was more feeling in the shot without the vehicle. I'd love to go back there and shoot with bikes - would be seriously cool.

    Also hoping to go to a track day (someone let me know when the next one is) and have a crack at photographing some serious bike action - mainly just for the fun of it.