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Any young female riders out there??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TR15tan, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Just thought it would be nice to connect all the other girls out there, and share some experiences.

  2. I wouldn't go there if I were you.........
  3. Gawd here we go again :)
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  4. Just reminded me of an old saying...

    The Internet: Where the men are men, the women are men and the kids are FBI agents.

    Apologies to OP for hijacking :)
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  5. LOL I'm lost! What's wrong?
  6. I think there's a few who are just itching to ask: "Can I watch?"


  7. Search will reveal all :)
    As will scrolling down the end of this page and looking at similar threads.
  8. I want to go motorbike riding with the other girls, and we can all have our teddy bears on the back, just like old times on the bicycle with our dolls sitting in our floral baskets.

    Nothing sexy here :)
  9. Yeah but in fairness, the "most similar" thread was Kernel's quest to find more jailbait - it's not really the same...
  10. So typical, like really, they're such boys. Lolz

    I'm a girl hon and I would love to connect with you ;)
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  11. Nothing sexy? It's only what I dream about every night!
  12. If people want more young girls on the road, just start advertising some LAMS bikes towards younger females. Pink helmets already exist. I'm sure a lot of them will be willing to take up riding if they knew it's not really that complicated for girls.
  13. Awesome, thanks for responding!! What sort of bike do you ride?
  14. Welcome to netrider.

  15. Dammit - beaten by the Gixxer (and it's not the first time, either...)
  16. Yes, what sort of bike do you ride sweetheart???? :bolt:
  17. Me me me
    Really I am just a big girl. Ask all my friends. Lets do a sleep over and plan this :)
  18. You see, here's the conundrum. The boys like to think they are doing something complicated and special. But they want the girls there too...
  19. Pink leathers and helmet for you... Pictures and video required of you in them.
  20. Hate to break it to ya, boys, but it's really not that complicated to learn.

    The only thing that gives boys an advantage is that they are physically stronger, so they can carry the bike around better.

    I got chicken wings for arms :(