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Any writers associated with the Motorcycle mags here?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ap, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. I am new to riding, so yes I would

  2. I am new to riding, but would not care to read it

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  3. I already have a 250, but I would still read it

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  4. I already have a 250, and would not read it

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  5. Why would I care about 250s?

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  6. Even though I've ridden for years, I'd love to read that!

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  1. The 250 market is very strong here, and aside from the differences in their marketing effectiveness *cough honda cough* there's no reason why a learner wouldn't choose any of the 250 fourstrokes out there.

    My grudge is that the Australian Motorcycling Magazines are only covering the flash new big bikes, and aren't giving the 250s the time they deserve. These mags report figures of which bikes are selling the most and cover them more as they are popular, but the second hand market is forgotten. 250s are traded all the time, but there is precious little written material comparing the various 250s, some of which are up to 20years old and still as keen as the freshies. cbr (250r rr and 125r), vtr, zzr, zxr, gpx, gsx, Baylis, Zeal, fzr, hornet, Gt, Comet, and many more

    If anyone is involved with Aust MCNews, or Rapid, or similar, have a word to the editors to get a good (unbiased) comparo written and printed.
  2. Never gonna happen, because it's a useless article. They're pretty basically all much of a muchness and really any differences are immaterial to a learner.
  3. +1

    You're begrudging magazines for reviewing popular bikes? Should they be writing articles no one will read, about bikes no one wants to ride?

    Fact is 250's only represent a minority of sales, and bikes on the road. They're just overrepresented on Netrider.

    Twowheels and AMCN always publish reviews when new 250's come on the market, or are revised, as they would for any new bike.

    The four-stroke 250's are pretty similar and all safe bikes. Why do you need a journo to write an article for you, there's years of owners reports to be read on the net.

    Used bikes in general don't get much coverage in Australian mags.
  4. I think he's saying that only the popularity of new bikes is recorded, what's to say the old 250s aren't more/as popular? just because their (private) sales numbers are not published doesn't say they are not popular.

    To me there is plenty of difference between the 250 fourstrokes, and there are smaller differences in the current 600 supersport class, but the 600s are reviewed in every magazine.
  5. There's your answer right there. The mags write for a national, and in some cases, international audience. The fact that Victoria hasn't caught up with a LAMS system (yet) is the main reason 250cc sales are good in Vic, once the LAMS is introduced (end of the year be the rumours) the 2fiddy market here will die in the A##.
  6. I'm personally not interested in 250's or 600 supersports... I find large V-Twins more interesting, or large naked bikes.

    They aren't any more reviewed than the 250's are though... and again it's simply because they don't sell many of them compared to those annoying 600 supersports.

    I'm afraid that neither of us can expect the situation to improve :(
  7. Two Wheels usually makes an effort with 250s at least once a year and given they don't change much that's about right or even a bit generous.
  8. Hyosung sold 814 GT250R's last year alone. I think they should review the current 250 models but I think most magazines other than Rapid do review them.
  9. If we can get a big enough group of 250s together somewhere twisty one day, I'll ride the lot and write it up as a Netrider atricle, maybe even send it in to some of the mags and see if we can get it published, any volunteers to throw me their keys? Bikes must be in bloody good nick, and as close to stock as possible for fairness.
  10. Is a group of 250s called a buzz?
  11. A drone? :p :LOL:
  12. Two Wheels had a review of Hyo's 250 and a comparo of Hyonsung 250 vs CBF, soon after CBF came to our market. They also had a write-up about Madass 125cc. I imagine they'll get around to writing about Scorpio and CBR125 soon. So all in all, I think they are giving smaller bikes a fair representation.

    I have to agree writing massive comparos of new 250s would be pretty pointless. Just get one, hop on, and ride it! There really isn't that much between them, except things like possible Hyonsung's quality problems that can only be fairly addressed by a long-term evaluation.
  13. and i dont think it can really be expected of the mags to test bikes which arent officially imported here (zx2r, cbr250, fzr etc etc)

    swarm of 250s?
  14. 250's?? pfft.....

    :p :p :p