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Any workshops provide a loaner bike to L-platers?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by van, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I've gotta get my bike in for her first service, are there any metro Melbourne workshops that will give a loaner bike to an L-plater while they've got mine? It's my only mode of transport at the moment, and public transport could be a bit of a hassle (my work isn't on my train line, so it'd be mean a lot of walking, a train, and a long tram ride). Obviously want a reputable and well-priced workshop, I think that goes without saying!

    Cheers in advance. :)
  2. Not sure mate, but maybe just take a sickie? ;)
  3. Well if you want a to rent a bike... you can have my CBX for $15 a day.. I usualy lend it to my customers when I'm doing their services...
  4. see simon at gassits in fairfield .
  5. Apparently Gassits don't do a loaner bike, but cheers.

    LordTB: You do servicing eh? Are you a registered mechanic, etc?
  6. yeah gassits wont give me a loaner :( same with stafford. I dont know of any who do.
  7. Redwing Honda has VTR250 for loaners with or without racks......not sure of the policy on Learners though.
  8. Brighton Kawa do loaners... again, not sure on learner policy. But I do believe they have a 250 loaner.