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Any women's Bike Clubs in Vic?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz no 2, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. The only one I could find is WIMAX, are there any others?

  2. And here was me thinking WIMAX was a type of wireless communications protocol :p

    Oooooooooooh, NOW i get it.......
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  3. 802.16 :)

    Sorry Caz a Nerd thing. Return to usual programming.
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  4. im pretty sure netrider has a dedicated woman's chapter...just check out all the thread's with [VIC] in it...they're run for women - by women. :bolt:
  5. Sorry damn auto correct on iPad, supposed to be WIMA. Hehehe
  6. 802.16 _W_ - Cant confuse these things!
  7. I think Girls Ride Out has (or had) something around Melbourne.

    Some from here have been to some Broadford ladies' track days as well, but the name of organiser of those escapes me at the moment. I'm fairly sure someone can add to that.
  8. No but would love to meet up with some other biker girls as I am sure many men don't want to discuss pink decals, pink helmets, pink bike clothing and many other girlie things.
  9. Sounds fair to me :)
  10. LOL, a bunch of chick's sitting around discussing their pink girlie things......leaves a bit to the imagination. :grin:
  11. I seem to remember Kat at sixty degrees being involved in such a group... cant remember the name offhand.

    Suggest giving her a call...
  12. could always buy a harley and join women of HOG's........
  13. Okay, just so it's not just the guys replying. Seriously should we bring our barbies as well?

    One of the advantages of riding is that most other riders don't judge you on what sex you are it's more shallow than that it's what type of bike you ride, and what mods you have or haven't done to it.

    If you wanted to ensure the numbers are more on the feminine side then maybe organise a movie night to something like Magic Mike - thin story line, good eye candy though. Adam Rodriguez although good to look at was just so wrong in a role like that. Went on Friday night (Crown) with a group of girls and the theatre was quite full, only saw 2 guys, and they weren't together they were with females.
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  14. Thanks Dave will give Kat a call.

    Also don't knock pink it's a great colour. :)

    Just trying to look like a girl on a bike because too much stuff I have seen for women make us look like men.

    Maybe getting together with some other chicks can give me some tips of where to find the things I am after.
  15. alpinestars released a new range.....

    honestly, best (most feminine shaped) gear ive seen for females is harley davidson (they know a significant part of their customers are female, thus the ladies of HOG and Garage parties (women only)... but even then ive heard from customers that the jackets still arent a great cut in the chest for the women.
    that and it has harley davidson all over it.

    (as a guy.... this is a really wierd post to make.... i feel awkward)
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  16. Kat is not the person to be talking to about 'pinking' up on the bike - she does know about being feminine on a bike without going for the biker barbie look though.
  17. Yeah I know Kat isn't a 'pink' girl but she will be able to give me info on possible girl biker get togethers.
  18. So pink rim tape is out if the question then?
  19. That Alpine Star gear is great, unfortunately on a lot of their stuff you need to be that thin to wear it. :( I should keep going with the treadmill I think.

    Love the boots, very similar to my Icons and have just ordered a Pink Joe Rocket jacket that I will get altered to fit.