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any william shattner fans

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. check out his new show "shit my dad says" , absolute classic , whish my dad was this cool

  2. I'm yet to watch it (had it for a day or two, whenever it 'came out') but the universal caning from both critics and 'tv watcher forums' has held me off. I was waiting for a "Im REALLY bored, might as well watch it" time frame. So, what would you say about the caning from tv critics and 'watchers'. Reckon it's the non Aussie people not getting dry humour or ???

    Your reply(s) may tempt me to watch it earlier ;) But for now, the huge percentage of people calling the show "drivel" has really really held me back from watching it. (plus being really busy setting up the house for our daughters 1st birthday party this weekend is really the main reason. 50-100 people due to come = major 'renovations' of our house for the party to accommodate them ok :) )

    Cheers :)
  3. was put on to it by a mate who raved about it, its worthy of a watch when there is nothing else on. i only watched as i had finished all the breaking bad episodes i had ( now that is a ****ing good show). i reckon i may tire of it pretty soon then its on to the next season of dexter

  4. and thats some kind of excuse?8-[