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Any ways to get L's without completing the PRE-LEARNER?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tourer, May 4, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Yes i've flunked my pre-learners. Is there a way for me to get my L's so that i can finance a bike and practise on it instead of waiting for another 2 months and go through the pre-learners again with no guarantee of passing it?

    I have absolutely no riding experience apart from riding pushbikes 9 years ago.

    I know country folks can get their L's straight away.

    Is there a leeway for city folks?

    (problem is i live too close to the training centres ;(
  2. If there is I would like to know about it... I am not to keen on waiting 4 weeks before I can go for my Pre-Learners :(.

    But I am fairly sure there is no way around it unless your residential address falls in an area without a testing center.

    Damn City Folk :p
  3. in Vic you can do the learners test only but you're in NSW so that doesn't apply. Might help to put NSW in title :)
  4. re book yourself in to a training centre, perhaps you may want to look at a different centre as per your other thread..

    but i reccomend ya do the training, and dont put off doing your P's they teach you alot more there aswell.
  5. where are you having yours razeor?
  6. Do it in WA !!! All you need here is to pass a multi choice 30 question test and pay your buckeroonies !


    Oh, yer - I forgot to mention, you can then only ride on your 'L's with a qualified rider near by !


    Never mind failing if you have NO expereince... Your better off getting some experience and skills before you hit the traffic anyways. BE PATIENT and GOOD LUCK !
  7. um... the one around Granville. They did call it another suburb but I can't remember what it was and its not written on my map :?
  8. Thanks Dude, i feel so much better now. I thought i was like the ONLY GUY who ever fails a PRE-LEARNER, before i read the other threads.

    Before i left the course centre, the instructor re-assured me that i had 90% of passing the next one, and that it was the most economical way to gain experience anyway, since they provide the bikes, helmets and gloves and insurance, etc.

    But at the time, i was a little fired up because of the dilemma that i faced-

    "no experience at all, need experience- then got asked to leave coz i was a danger on the range, so then i need more experience, but canNOT get more experience until i get BACK ON RANGE or pay ridiculous amounts of money........ to get 1 on 1 lessons............"
  9. yeah but in perth dont you have to ride with a riding instructor? here in melbourne you do your 6 hours or whatever it is and they give you ur L's and your free to ride the streets... mind you i got lazy and rode around on my L's for close to 2 years. The last week before it expired (on christmas day)i had to book but no spots left so i had to pay an extra $50 for a private test
  10. If you don't mind my asking, how so? I'd be very surprised if you failed a
    second time.

    Don't hate us too much. :) The truth is most country kids that take up riding
    have a lot of dirt bike experience so they have the basics covered.
  11. Ok here's how i flunked it:

    First night no probs, before we hit the range, the guy instructor got replaced by a lady. The course was smooth, i learnt everything from scratch, enjoyed it and excited to come back the next day to get my certificate....
    The only problem i have was not being able to change gears too smoothly, but then i've only been driving manual cars for about 2 hours in my WHOLE life.

    Second night, came back, just before half time(break), this is what happened:
    there were five of us doing circles, practising tight turns- activity 22 i think it was. ANYWAYS, i was in the centre, turning out to the circle to join the rest of them, the instructor signalled the THROTTLE, i DID IT, he then signalled the FRICTION POINT, i DID THAT TOO, and then........ HE SAID "GO!" or move out, so OFF I WENT........ and then he yelled out HEAD CHECK two times so i stopped suddenly just before i joined the "circle", suddenly realised that i could have hit the guy who was passing by, simply because i have FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTOR"S INSTRUCTION TO GO when there was actually an imminent danger of a crash!?!?

    Ok so ofcourse, before i could finish one whole circle, the instructor signalled me to go to him and stop the bike and then called everyone else to stop. He then asked me to leave the range and have a cup of coffee and that he would come and talk to me after a while. So i went outside and waited 5 minutes before everybody else had their break. The instructor started to walk my bike towards the garage and called me to come towards him. He then asked me if i know why i got asked to leave the range. I said "yea i forgot the headcheck, nearly ran into the guy... blah blah" and he said i had to come back again to do it.

    I was pretty much speechless and devastated then........
  12. Might be a little off topic, so I apologise in advance... BUT

    This is just another fine example of why NSW sucks ass!! Your State Govt. is worse than ours....... That says someting!
  13. Moral of the story Tourer.....never trust someone else with your own safety, always check for yourself. I'd rather have him screaming at me for being too cautious than a little dangerous. You are unlikely to ever be reprimanded for being extra cautious. Which is probably what he's trying to teach you, just in a shitty way, because on the road you need to be double careful.

    Nearly 20yrs ago my boss told me on my first day at the job, "It's better to ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake", which is the same sort of principal I reckon.
  14. Sorry mate but the way I see it you did stuff up - instructor telling you to go means 'carry on with the procedure, which includes a headcheck', it does not mean 'charge!!!!' Whether that mistake is enough to get you dismissed, that's another matter. But as I said in another thread, if you're unhappy with that lot, book yourself with another centre for your next attempt. I recommend HART at St.Ives.
  15. Man.... That bites !

    They seem very quick to get people out (maybe so they can make more money when you have to pay to go back) ?

    Yep - Like I said.... In Perth, on L's you need to ride with an experienced rider (or instructor).

    But Tourer... Keep working at it, concentrate, think safety first and most importantly - ENJOY it !
  16. Man.... thats not nice at all. I would have got very very very very cranky... Go somewhere else... dont give them your money! I had the most basic learners test. Highly recommend motorcycle motion in Melbourne.. but that hardly healps you does it... Sorry :cry:
  17. Well, the only points I lost on my driving exam were because I failed to move into the "first gap" in the traffic when leaving the RTA carpark. :roll:
  18. Do yourself a favour, give em the flick and book yourself into HART. :)
  19. Right, so you won't do that again will you? :) I don't remember how it's done but was this during the period they deem to be a 'test'?

    Anyway, you can be the star pupil at the next one and leave full of confidence. :cool:
  20. I think he was right to fail you.

    Better to do it again and get it right, than start riding on the road before you are ready.

    Be patient, patience will help keep you alive on the road