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any warranty probs doing oil change before 1st service??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by penno2, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    Bit of a n00b question. Picking up a new bandit (hopefully) later this week. I'd like to do an oil change (inc filter) once, maybe twice, myself before the bike goes in for its initial service (1000 km's I believe). My question is, is the dealer going to have any problems with me doing this? Could this affect the warranty? SHould I take any precaution not to let on to the dealer I'm going to do it? (although will make it hard if I want to buy the filters from them ^_^)


  2. Hi, welcome and congrats on the new bike

    You'll be fine, tell the dealer, ask what oil they recommend. Two changes maybe overdoing it, but see what the dealer says.
  3. Not sure if they still do it in new bikes but the first lot of oil used to be a "running" in oil designed to help new components bed together etc. An old problem used to happen when rebuilding older v8's (cages) you could glaze the cylinder bores if you didn't use running in oil for the first 500km or so.

    Check with the dealer !
  4. The wearing in process actually requires there to be some collective particles in the oil during the first 500 kms. Why would you want to play with the manufactures design?

    Also it may be true for a machine such as a MV Augusta etc. But unless your paying for a race tuned 30k+ bike. Again why?
  5. Dealer gave me the fully synth oil and filter, and advised to change the oil at 500kms on my Husky.
  6. I've been reading about the motoman method and it sounds quite interesting. (sorry, I can't post links until I've got 5 posts, how irritating! Just do a google search for "motoman break in") Seems to be a topic of some debate. He recommends an oil change after 20 miles.

    I've read a bit in various forums, and there's quite a number of people remarking about how much metal came out with the first oil change. So I'm thinking it's a good idea to do an oil change well before the first 1,000 km service?

    Now, my current idea, is to go with a compromise between the motoman way, and the factory recommended way. (Again, can't post a link. Annoying.) So I'm not going to change after the first 20 miles, but maybe after 150 kms. Maybe again after 600-700 kms, but I'm thinking I probably won't worry about that one. Anyway, I don't really want to take it into the shop for something so simple, hence my queries. :grin:
  7. Thanks Toecutter, sounds like a plan. :grin:
  8. And you got this wisdom from where?

    The "collective particles" are in fact the result (by product) of wear, the abrasion of the surface imperfections of the metal surfaces rubbing together. They are the waste, not the process. This is not analogous to paint cutting compound, this is analogous to washing your paintwork by rubbing the dirt off with a damp rag.
    The motoman site is correct. Its the way good engines are made (assuming correct assembly and grit that isn't filtered out by the oil filter is simply an abrasive component that adds to wear. The only reason manufacturers don't specify earlier changes is the perception of the owner about cost of ownership. A mate of mine is an automotive consulting engineer and he willingly acknowledges that 15K service intervals on modern cars means that engines wont last as long as with 5k intervals. Want to guess why?
  9. Hey Penno

    Welcome to Netrider and Banditworld!

    Bought my Bandit in August (well, insurance company provided it :p ) and was intent on doing the first oil change at 500km. Dealer sold me the filter and the oil (Mobil 4T mineral) and said no dramas about the change. I knew there wouldn't be.
    Just had to use some 'persuasion' to get the filter off. Must get a 60mm oil filter wrench.

    I believe semi synth can be done at 3000 then fully synth at the dealer 6000km service.

    I'd do it as I certainly didn't want floaty bits in my oil.

    This is what my oil looked like after 500km:


  10. I've just got a new hornet and did an oil and filter change with mineral oil at 150km's.....................black as night and full of cr@p

    Did a second one at about 600km's and only a little bit of crap and a better colour came out.

    1000k service was done by the dealer and they happily stamped away warrany book with no problems and continued to put in mineral oil.

    I have read to use mineral for the first 10 000km's.

    I questioned the dealer about running in and the theory is don't go near the redline and stay well away from low revs.
    Don't use "constant" revs for prolonged periods and run up and down through the gears.

    The problem with motomans theory is it may be fine for the engine, but they are also forgetting you are also running in gears, clutches and chains, tyres etc.

    After the 1000 service I am starting to treat her a little rougher, but still not reving her guts out................no need, just normal riding!!

  11. Ack... I'm getting my new Honda next week. I read the motoman thing and asked my mechanic about changing the oil early. He said that they use a special running in oil and to leave changing the oil until the 1000km service.
    I asked "would it be bad if I was to change it early"
    and he said quite firmly "yes, the engine needs the running in oil. Don't change it."
    I mentioned how some have changed their oil early and it was black with particles.
    My mech said "Honda's are more refined than some other brands and don't have particles breaking off"

    So you've got a brand new Honda and it did have the crap in the oil - what to do! :mad: The mech has worked on different makes of bikes, but currently works at a Honda dealership, so he could easily be biased. He also said to just follow the manual of only up to certain revs for the 1st 500km, certain revs for next km... but I have the manual already and it just says not to go flat out! Maybe my mech is out of date?

    Anyone else with new Hondas changed the oil early? Was it black?
  12. Well Jeff's is a Honda and was black as night.

    I agree with Jeff as oil discolouration is a breakdown in it's lubricating properties. To me that means premature wear.
  13. If you are really worried about losing this "running in" oil, save it and show the mechanic the oil before putting it back in (or not) :grin:

    When the mechanics at the dealers drained my oil at 1000kms, they may have expected black, but it would've come out clean and so there should have been an issue if, by changing it early, was the wrong thing to do.

    I am happy with what I have done, just to stop the crap circulating through my new engine :cool:

  14. dealer didn't change my coolant even tho there are oil craps inside. why? prob. because it is not listed in the service schedule.
  15. If/when I get my bandit it will have 120k on it before it gets to my drive way. I plan to do a oil and filter change at 4-500 and put the same as original back in. When to switch to full synth???? 5,000 10,000????

    Jeimbo large air/oil cooled engines could go full synth at 6,000 so good advice there if you are happy with the way the engine performs. If not leave it a little longer.

  16. Not if - when!!!

    Bloke at work has a 2006 Bandit like mine and did semi synth at 3000 then full at 6000. Had the 'warranty' discussion with him and he shares my views - as long as it's done right you'll be right. Remember, the dealer has to do a report for Suzuki before they consider warranty claims. Knew a bloke who ignored his servicing on a DRZ400. Dealer didn't back him up (nor should they) so Suzuki said get stuffed. Fair enough.
  17. Exactly what I wanted to hear. :)

    hmm, exactly what i *didn't* want to hear. hahaha Ah well, we'll see what happens.

    And thanks for the tip. :)
  18. I don't know how anyone can justify saying 'leave the particles in the oil, it's part of the wearing in process' :? Drink drain cleaner and pine-o too, it's all part of the human wearing in process :p

    I changed my oil at 160km's. Took it out in the sun and it looked like gold fossickers pan with all the little floaters of metal in there that would otherwise be clawing their way into the walls of the engine.

    I was told to use mineral oil for the first 1000 or so, then the dealer put a semi synth in, and probably go to a full at the 6000.

    I really don't think you can change your oil too early or frequently enough between dot and 1000kms. 99% of the loose metal bits inside the engine will come off within the first 100km.

    But to answer your question...no. Just make sure you use mineral oil.
  19. hey thanks for all the advice everyone. :) Just called the dealer, bike's been delayed about a week (boooo), but he's fine for me to do an initial oil change (yaaay). But overall, booooo.