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Any Vmoto Milan or Monza owners?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Scootographs, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. G'day everyone!

    I'm new to scooters, but not t all new to motorcycles. I've been riding for 10 years, and currently own an '03 CBR600RR.

    I've recently left my job to become a student, and now I'm forced to sell the bike in order to pay my tuition fees. I love the freedom of being on twowheels, hence the reason why I'm switching to a scooter. I have no choice but to sell the bike, but I know I'm gonna go crazy without a ride. So right now the scooter is the only viable option.

    Now the question...

    I'm on a very limited budget, and would only be able to spare around $2,500 for a new scoot. The Vmoto 50cc range is looking very attractive to me at the moment. I'm not needing anything larger than a 50, as most of my rides would only be the 15 mins it would take between home and school. I've been doing my reasearch for a while now, and know what other makes and models my money can afford.

    A Google search on Vmoto returns numerous links to sites only giving information on specs and prices. I've not come across a single website with some form of review on Vmoto models. I'm wondering if there are any Milan or Monza owners in this forum who can give a quick write-up on their experience with owning one of these scoots.

    I've been to a couple of dealers and had a close look at the scoots. The sales people had a lot of good things to say about them, but what kind of salesman would say otherwise.

    Anyway, I'm hoping to get some replies. Any info on max speed, rate of acceleration, two-up performance, and general condition after accumulating kms would be most appreciated.

    PS... I've read the "Milan Horror Story" thread, so no need to point it out.

    Thanks heaps! :wink:

    Oh, by the way... Anyone interested in a CBR600RR??? :grin:
  2. V-Moto are rubbish, the local agent here has sent them back and is has stopped dealing with them, to many problems....
  3. What exactly were the problems that they come across?
  4. nearly 4000 km on mine... still no issues...

    test ride them. the monza is a 2 seater, spose to do about 70km in stock form. very comfortable to ride.. plenty of leg room.

    and if u like to ride.. u can even scrape the kick stand when cornering!!

    a few times ive leant her over to far and ended up scrapping the kick//centre stands.

  5. Hey Dailey,

    You say it's supposed to do 70ks in stock form. Does yours not quite get there, or do you mean yours is not stock? If you've done some mods, can you tell me what you've done and what improvements you got out of it.

  6. Hey Dailey,

    You say it's supposed to do 70ks in stock form. Does yours not quite get there, or do you mean yours is not stock? If you've done some mods, can you tell me what you've done and what improvements you got out of it.

  7. Oil leaks were one issue, then engine cutting out while riding (bloody dangerous when cornering) he even sent machines to Perth and came back all fixed so they said but within two days same problems.. he just got tired of doing warranty work
  8. mines hitting about 65km and holding out. from speaking to my supplier, the exhaust manifold might notbe aligned properly. a mates tops out at 70 completely stock.

    im looking into exhauts and trans weights for better acceleration and a few extra KM on top...
  9. Hi scootergraphs,

    options would be second hand other scoots or as you stated the Vmoto range. Having ridden many other scooters out there, i have to admit that Vmoto isn't at the top of the list, but they aren't supposed to be, they are built for a price and they do what they are designed to do.

    If you want to go Vmoto, def go the Monza, get it de-restricted and you'll be fine. Actually, did you see the ad in the paper on the weekend? i think it was Sunday Times(???) anyway, Fremantle Vmoto is having a really big sale with Monza's for $1900 odd + ORC's of just over $100. That would be a damn cheap way to get a brand new one. Might be worth a look.

  10. I don't mind vmoto's. They are easy to pass on my bowell jolie.
    I don't know about them supposed to do 70 kmh. Maybe the speedo's on them are "misleading". I do 66-72 kmh indicated on my 50cc jolie on flat roads and have never seen a vmoto keep up.

    As far as people having problems with them, well they are one of the top selling scoots. If 1/100 buyers has a complaint, then logically, there will be more complaints about a model that has sold thousands off versus a model that has only sold hundreds.
  11. Thanks Jono. I'll be heading out to Freo tomorrow for some Cicerellos. I'll check it out while I'm there.
  12. im sorry but i have to say .... fcukn wankrz
  13. hehe... you sweared. :LOL:
  14. Vmoto!! Don't bother. i bought my first bike , a scooter, for $3,000. It is 12 months old. a Bolwell Bella 125cc. it purrs at 70/80 kms and the speedo goes to 120km. i have had it to 110km with ease. i'm sure you could find a bigger scooter in your price range. i too only travel 10/15 minutes to work each day but it's great having the capacity to go if you want/need to. So, shop around and use bikesales.com. Cheers
  15. i just bought a monza (second hand of a friend) last week and it's been great!!
    It's still newish. (Previous owner bought it in november 05)
    Only had 1400km on the dial.

    It goes about 60kmh on flat's max.
    Anyone know what kind of tuning I can do to my vmoto monza??
  16. get it derestricted for a start
  17. I've got a Monza (until I get my license and upgrade to a 250cc). Alright enough scooter. Nothing special really. I didn't choose it (dad bought it but never rides it so I use it mostly to ride to and from uni).

    Build quality is very average. Mine tops out at around 60km/hr. Fuel usage is pretty good (about $4.50/week for going to/from uni every day).

    Basically, it's an average scooter at a cheap price. Get it if your wallet is light. Otherwise I'd be looking at the Yamaha 50cc.


  18. yammy jog is about the same price as the monza and has smaller wheels and cant carry a pillion passenger. if u hav the cash go for the aerox
  19. Yeah I have a Monza which have been happy with gets the job done. Rides two up fine and holds pace in 60km area. Met a guy the other week at the shops who had one looked a bit worse for wear but had done 40,000km so not doing to bad. He was stoked with it.

    Spose given the Milan and Monza are the two top selling scooter models in Australia will always get one or two people with issues.