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Featured NSW Any update on helmet laws?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by James H, May 3, 2015.

  1. The QLD government this year has allowed motorcyclists to wear helmets with the ECE 22.05 standard and I was just curious to know if the NSW government had any plans to do the same thing, according to some of the research I have done previously the DOT and ECE standards test helmets to a higher degree than the Australian standard and that is why some tracks do not allow people to ride with helmets bearing the Australian standards sticker, please correct me if I'm wrong. So yeah basically all I want to know is if helmet laws in NSW are getting an update any time soon?? Thanks :)

  2. Don't hold your breath, James.

    Having said that, what size is your head?

    As I understand it, NSW has a special deal for big-headed people.

    If you require a helmet larger than some magic number, you are then allowed to ride using a helmet labelled to ECE standards.

    I think, but wouldn't swear to it, that the magic number is 63 whatevers, maybe centimeters.
  3. I thought you where joking about the big head rule, so I checked and its bloody true !

    If your head requires a helmet larger than 62 cm, since 28 September 2012 you can wear a different helmet, BUT there are conditions

    1. you need to carry a formal medical certificate
    2. the helmet must have labels showing it complies with any of
    • European Reg ECE 22-05
    • Japanese JIS T8133
    • USA "DOT" (FMVSS-218)
    You're also permitted to wear a helmet marked only by Snell, but we DO NOT recommend this for street use.

    European helmets are lighter to reduce neck injury and basilar skull fracture, have excellent impact attenuation, greater test coverage area and a very sound certification process.
    Japanese helmets are virtually identical to Australian, but with better impact attenuation (more restricted pulse width) and the most robust certification process of any.
    US "DOT" helmets are almost the same as Australian, but with better impact attenuation (more restricted pulse width) and a certification process that places responsibility on the manufacturer (or importer) for compliance. Their recall system is regularly used, in market surveillance testing by NHTSA, backed by a legal system that punishes manufacturers who transgress.
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  4. hahahaha oh wow I had no idea that was a thing but unfortunately my helmet size is small :( All I want is to ride wearing an Icon Variant, I just think they're a cool helmet but Icon pulled out of Australia a couple of years ago
  5. Mate, I couldn't dream up something quite as silly as this....... it takes a politician or a bureaucrat.

    Note that of the three standards described, all seem to be at least as good, if not better, than the Ozzie standard.
  6. Yes mate, I did see the standards are better than ours, we are being forced to wear substandard helmets it would seem.
  7. Yeah this is exactly my point and I feel as though we should be able to wear the helmets tested to those standards such as DOT and ECE 22.05, even if we had to apply to wear a certain type of helmet not available in Australia e.g Icon Variant as it meets suitable standards
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  8. Smart looking lid mate .
  9. The Icon isn't really my style.

    The helmet that most annoyed me was the BMW System 6.

    In Europe they are/were available in various colours, but the colour that I wanted, the Hi-Vis yellow, wasn't brought into Oz or approved for Oz.

    What difference the colour makes, I dunno.... <shrug>
  10. Yeah I find that with a lot of products, I try to stay away from all black clothing but thats all that comes out in Australia with some exceptions, I think it was Alpinestars SMX 6 boots and they only came in black but I preferred the white/red option which of course is only available in every country but Australia haha
  11. Indeed.

    That's why I had to buy my Hi-Vis yellow jacket on the 'net from US.

    I'd LIKE to deal only with local folk, but.... if they won't sell what I want to buy.....
    (or charge like wounded bulls for it)... sod them.
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  12. Yep, thats what I did with an exhaust for my old FZ6, leo vince twin underseat pipes with cat eliminator, best price in Adelaide was $880 and 2 week wait,from the USA, $625au shipped, 5 days.

    Hawk exhaust from the UK, $400 shipped in 4 days for my XJR.
  13. The exchange rate is way too low for me to even consider buying gear overseas now, it was a lot better a year ago and even then it wasn't the best haha but now i'll just see what I can find in Sydney's shops
  14. Thats true, was a lot better when I last bought.
  15. Especially with how expensive motorcycle parts and gear is the change in price seems to get larger and larger like something for US$400 costs AU$509
  16. Dont knock the NSW medical exemption system, it came about because a normal every day rider like everyone here has a medical condition which requires a larger helmet and he has taken up the battle with every State Govt and he is succeeding, my hat is off to him. NSW is the best result he has had

    The really silly thing is that all States had medical exemption systems years ago and the less educated States dropped them

    WA and Qld are two States who continue to have exemption systems
  17. Yes Wayne, when I first moved to Adelaide back in the late '80s you could actually get an exemption to ride WITHOUT a helmet !
  18. Back then, in Adelaide, you didn't need an exemption.

    You could, quite legally, ride with no helmet, subject to some, admittedly, very low, speed limit.

    I only ever took advantage of this once, when I had to pick up my bike and didn't have my helmet with me.

    I thought it was quite civilised. (Both Adelaide and the law)
  19. Yep , that was always there, the limit was 25kph,but that went when the pushbike helmet law came in.
    I was talking about the exemption for any speeds, you needed to get (I think it was 3)doctors to confirm that helmets gave you grief.