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Any up for a ride this weekend

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, May 17, 2005.

  1. Morning all,

    I have the weekend off and was planning on going on a ride, over the weekend. There is a possibility I may be able to get some accommodation around Mt Buller, for free - 21st to 22nd May.

    So, I was planning on playing on the roads around Mt Buller which include the magnificent run to the top of the mountain as well as the Mansfield to Whitfield run.

    Anybody interested in coming out to play?

  2. Hell, if I cant get the accommodation at Mt Buller, maybe just ride to Bright.
  3. Mitch, make sure you get a good heads up on the weather forecast fro Buller. It was 0 C last Sat morning in Yea, you might get some ice up at Buller if the temp drops.
  4. Hey Doonks

    I do quite a bit of work up at Buller and they are not expecting Snow until first week in June... According to their forcasts.

    The ride up Mt Buller would not occur until about 3:00pm on saturday and the ride back on Sunday morning will be around mid-day after heavy drinking :LOL:

    But, thanks for the heads up, appreciated 8)
  5. Fortunately for you skuff, snow is easily seen, it's the ice that is hard to pick and that is what Doonks is reffering to in his reply. (correct me if I am wrong doonks?)
  6. Hey scooter, yes, i realise this.

    But, as my post replied, we are travelling at 3:00pm and 12 noon the following day. With temps expected at 17+ that weekend, the ice will melt.

    I have spent the last 4 weeks at Mt Buller and have yet to see ice when temp was significantly colder and we travelled in the morning and in the evenings and did not experience any ice issues.... yet....

    Thanks for the heads up Scooter
  7. Was going to say "pick me, pick me".

    Just realised it clashes with Boogieman's b-day bash.

    :( :(
  8. yeah, I was referring just to ice and the possibility of an icy glaze to the road. There's no way snow will be up there this weekend, in fact, I can't see any decent snow falling before mid June at best.

    But if the ride isn't happening up the hill till mid afternoon, then it should be no problem. :)
  9. Mid june, really? Bummer.....
  10. really. And yes, Bummer :(
  11. Hey all,

    Looks like I am going to Mt Buller on my own. I have secured a room at Ski Patrol, so I have one bunk spot available.
  12. The movie Shrek comes to mind at the moment, when Donkey is singing......

    "...I'm all alone....."
  13. What you need is a friend, mate.
  14. A friend, I have heard that word before....

    Hang on, let me look it up....

    Pal - have a few of those - "hey pal, flip off"
    Buddy - have many of those, "hey buddy, get out of the way"
    Companion - have had many of those :eek:
    Acquaintance - YEah, coffee night
    Comrade - never in the military, but I am Russian

    Hmmmm, maybe I should goto a biker bar, pick a fight, buy them a beer, shag them, tell them I only want to be friends and then join the army.... :LOL: