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Any UFC/MMA/Pride fans here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottatron, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. If so, let's talk :cool:

    Who is your favourite fighter in each brand? Who do you think is "The best"?

    How do you think Kimbo will go against Mercer?

    Personally, I believe the greatest fighter (possibly ever) is Fedor Emelianenko from Pride.

    I think UFC has become too "soft".

  2. I'm a little fan.

    I got UFC ultimate knockouts 1,2,3,4 :p

    i've downloaded UFC 70..

    Otherwise i never really knew about it until i saw vids on youtube of people getting knocked out.

    I like Tank Abbot :LOL:
  3. Ive seen a few episodes of UFC a few years ago...

    Pretty full on stuff :shock:
    I like how the mix the different fighting styles...
  4. UFC used to be "full on", the bouts don't last long enough now.

    The thing I like about MMA is the fact you can have say a Judo/submission expect up against someone from a boxing background......or a Muay Thai kickboxer vs a Wrestler.

    Top stuff!
  5. Sorry to do this to your thread but...

    Bruce Lee could have bashed any of those guys EASY

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  7. Bring on Chuck Norris :LOL:.
  8. You Sir,

    Are an idiot :rofl:
  9. That just wouldn't be fair, Chuck would obviously destroy anything and anyone in his path.
  10. I havent really seen UFC/MMA ect since it was on fox 8 years ago! , but im a definite fan of Bas Rutten and Ken Shamrock
  11. Except for Bruce Lee who killed him in I think it was way of the dragon.

    And i think Bruce Lee started MMA. He did boxing, hi and low kicks, plus a lot of grappling. That's MMA for ya! :)

    The place I train at does Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ and Arnis. Learn the basics from KB, MT, boxing and BJJ and after about 6 months you'll be able to very effectively spar by using MMA.

    Defend and attack with long range kicks and punches, while blocking when required. When they get closer switch to knees and elbows, use either grappling from MT and throw them to the ground, or a take down from BJJ, then get them in a submission hold.

    If your against a serious grappler a straight punch can get caught and used to swing you around into their choke hold. A kick can also be caught and easily moved into an ankle lock. So it's best to keep your body as lose as possible so you can't get caught in any holds easily.

    With all these options you gotta love MMA :grin:
  12. how could you not be addicted to pain killer s after taking beatings like that!
  13. Holy sheeet! Just saw that first Fedor Emelianenko vid - the man takes a pile driver on the neck, and still wins!!!
  14. I know, the man is truly a freak.....that or he is a robot :cool:
  15. Just bumping this, I love MMA, can pretty much watch any promotions, I am a TUF noob who ventured into K1/Dynamite/Strikeforce etc. Last year I went to CFC12 which was awesome to see Hector Lombard in person and man was that a sight to see!

    Just wondering if theres many fans on Netrider who are interested in MMA, and want to keep the discussion going.
  16. Until a serious back injury ruined her career my missus was a Karate instructor, and one of her favourite tourneys was a "Mixed Martial Arts" one that came up once or twice a year.
    You'd get Karate champions fighting Judo experts, for example, but as I understand each stuck to his discipline - you wouldn't get the Karate dude wrestling on the floor if he could help it...
    Since it's not uncommon for martial artists to cross-train in different disciplines, it seems like a natural evolution from these tournaments?

    Whatever, I'm tuned in to ONE every Thursday night it's on.
    I don't think he's my favourite at all, but Brock Lesnar has been impressive every time I see him, on pure strength alone.
  17. The one bad thing about learning martial arts especially when MMA wasn't as popular the instructors would try KARATE IS THE BEST, PERIOD, I don't think I heard my instructor say once something like "in such and such they tend to do it this way which is effective because of such and such", I ended up doing Taekwondo for a about six months before I got bored of it and started playing NRL.

    I've been wanting to get back in shape and start BJJ because I really like watching the break down of ground work by a couple of the Gracie's.

    The UFC127 looks pretty poor tbh, but I would still love to go.
  18. I recently discovered UFC.

    Got hooked on The Ultimate Fighter. Watched every season :-O
  19. nice Lazarus job on an old thread; most of the posters from back in 2007 are ..... gorne!!

    I STILL don't know how Leznar got beaten by Velasquez, though....
  20. I haven't seen that whole fight, only the end, but it looks like Lesnar cut a HUGE amount of weight?
    He's never had a large amount of stamina, so I assume he gassed out early...