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any tyre suggestions

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. i have a honda xl 250 that im putting on the road in a couple of weeks and i would like to put a more road suitable tyre on it. i will be doing about 150 ks a week to and from work mainly with the very odd bush trip. just would feel more confident with a more road tyre than knobby as it will be m first time on the road .any help would be great

  2. i used to have the Pirelli Scorpion's on the TTR-250, similer sort of bike, did a long 4,500 km week on them and all ok, dirt roads are fine as well.. al
  3. Distanzias sound like the ticket for you. (Avon) No, not the avon lady. They stick well on the road and are pretty good off road -as long as it's dry and not muddy.
  4. you have heaps of choices..

    dunlop 605's
    michelin anakee
    metzeler tourance
    mitas e07

    plus heaps more.. all will be fine on the road..
  5. you talking about the scorpion mt90's? ive got them front and rear on my wr atm, very surprising on the dirt (grip a heap compared with what i expected) and very sticky on the road. when they get hot you can really throw the bike around.

    just dont go too wide in the rear tyre (like mine is, tyres were going on my dads ktm 950 se but i stole them :p) so it pinches in, because i cant get right onto the edge of the tyre without them letting go :( but at that stage it isnt far off scraping the pegs anyway, so i back off.