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Any Trainers out there?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fitryder, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I work as a personal trainer, body coach, sadistic torture machine (what ever you wanna call it) and i was wondering if there are any others on this forum who are in the same profession.

    The reason i am asking is because a lot of people i know who ride bikes sometimes complain about back pain, wrist pain and getting pretty physicaly exhausted at the end of a ride.

    So i wanted to see if there are any other trains out there so that we can work together and maybe come up with a "bikers guide to fitness" or something like that, something that would be rider specific.

    Let us know by posting below or a pm and we can get something sorted.

  2. I'm not a personal trainer but often get asked by people to train them. I've been doing weights for a few years. I have back problems but found the best solution for me is not to work my lower back specifically (ie: hyper extensions). Deadlifts don't help either. As for the wrists I have no idea as it's always been a problem. :(
  3. - i am currently studying to be a personal trainer- will be finished in may -- i am looking to speciailse in training for motorbike riders/ racers in OZ and hopefully overseas also. will keep in touch. :grin:
  4. Level 2 Triathlon coach here :grin:
  5. I have a pair of old size 9 Reebok's circa 1986 you can have if you are really desperate..............
  6. Hey

    Where abouts do you teach personal training?

    I got to Fitness first at Miranda and have noticed a few people riding there.
    Theres a trainer there who i use to see riding to the gym a bit.

  7. Whatever you come up with, it would have to be exercises we could do mid-corner or at traffic lights when bored :LOL:
  8. Bummer, beat me to the cheesy 'trainers' joke :LOL:
  9. I used to be into martial arts - did shows and assisted masters.

    and because of that now I have a back problem lol

    (I do capoeira - thaiboxing and mixed martial arts focussed on martial art tricks...... stuff you see jackie chan do)

    riding for me doesn't really effect my back much - not as much as my hand... man do they cramp up when they do....
  10. I've been training for 27 years (not in the last several months). Trained at the Western Australia Institute Tech. (athletics) when I was 20, competed in body building and power lifting contests years ago in addition to training different self defence skills to associates. PM me if interested.
  11. Where abouts do you do Capoeira? i'm training capoeira too.

  12. Thanks for your replies people.

    Seems like this could be an interesting project. Im currently a bit busy with work but hopefully in the near future we can get together somehow and come up with some document.

    Oh and sore wrists are normally a sign of weak and/or tight muscles, get a stress ball and some light light weights to do wrist curls and stretch them, pm me if you'd like more detail.


  13. Hey munecito,

    I used to train with Grupo Capoeira Brasil for 4-5 years.

    I slowly stopped due to other priorities but still I try to keep update with whats going in with the art.

    as with alot of young people in capoeira (I started when I was 16) we tend to branch off and Brakdance aswell (I'm sure you prolly got the breakdance bug with capoeira running thru your viens lol) So that keeps me manitained while I don't have time for capoeira
    (The fighting and grappling aspects)

    if your with Grupo Capeira Brasil then just mention my capo-name 'Alfinete' to the teachers - or else you can spot me in their various posters lol.......... so embarrassing...
  14. Hey I'm training with Capoeiracre and Mestre Borracha.

    My friend used to train with Capoeira Brasil his capoeira name then was "Tatu" because of all his tatoos. Now the new teacher renamed him "tatuage". He trained with them 4 or 5 years ago. Now he is with capoeiracre too.

    I hope to see you around at some stage.

  15. Yeah I know Borracha..... lotsa politics ey..... when i joined it used to be Capoeira Brasil - parramatta branch by Borracha... then as the years and politics followed.... the once same school became seperated...... and now they have different names.... but yeah - I remember when Borracha was still calling his school Capoeira brasil and Peixe was still cool with everyone.
    now it's all stuffed up...... but yeah - I'm one of the old school kids - to me everyone is the same school :)

    I must say tho - Borracha intruduced alot of the amazing techniques australia has seen - his handspins and flawless back flips are something that capoeirista's can only wish to beable to do....

    Mate - I'd better PM you when I have time - I have alot of capoeira talks to discuss about hehe - bak in the days.

    and yes - I think I do remember Tatu.
  16. You have a PM Duk35