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Any tips to help me with my learners?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by naturegirl, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    Newbie to Netrider posting but know some of you already :)

    Going for my learners finally - doing 3 staged course at Motorcycle motion, who I must say are fantastic.

    Started out on a Virago...yippee...since I am only 4" 9' or so :) But I am pretty nervous. Proved I could ride it but due to nerves moved over to a Scooter. Should be easier right??? Wrong!! I am still scared...couldnt ride passed 20km...too nervous.

    Next Wed 24th I am booked in for a private 2 hour lesson and then Monday 29th is my final stage of the course and my test.

    Can anyone suggest anything to help me out? I bought rescue-remedy - lol to calm my nerves. Not sure if its a mixture of excitment or just being plain scared of speed.

    In April came off as a pillon on Reefton Spur, that could be the cause? but we weren't going fast, I think I was just getting tired...going downhill and I may have tipped the bike - or prevented it cornering :(

    Don't have a bike, wont get one for a while yet, especially if I'm not confident enough to ride after my test...lol if I pass that is.

    Does anyone know of a bike that's suitable also, thats not a scooter? CB too high, even a lowered one, VTR same, Virago was almost perfect but the spark plug digs into my leg...got a big fat bruise after 1 hour lesson :(

    Some of you might say I maybe should not ride, but I am not silly enough to ride on the road till I'm confident. Just need some tips or confidence

  2. Confidence comes with practice, so unfortunately you're in a bit of Catch-22 situation. You just have to bite the bullet and start riding, otherwise I just don't see how else you could build up to it. I mean, there's nothing in the middle - you're either riding or you're not... Get a small bike, as low to the ground as you can, and start riding it slowly, on quiet streets at first. If you live in the city, early mornings on the weekends are good, because there's the least traffic.

    Edit: Actually, there is something in the middle. You could try riding pushbike, if you don't already... it would teach you something about steering and balancing a two-wheel vehicle, and about being more exposed than you are in a car.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks, just finding a low bike is the hard bit. Live in the hills...so I might have to practice is some car parks first, where my partner can ride bike there for me. Unfortunately I would have to ride straight onto the highway otherwise, and deal with lots of cornering straight up. Maybe why Im nervous.


    LOL Have a pushbike - totally different experience, I have no problem with balance
  4. LOL, I found a bike just for you: Pagsta Cruisa - with seat height of only 66cm it is actually lower than the virago (68cm), and the bonus is they're cheap, being as they are a Chinese budget brand. The engine is licensed from Honda though, so it should be sort of OK. Pagstas are not a complete disaster, apparently.
  5. Cool :) :) We saw one of these advertised in the City, but weren't sure if it was a road bike or a "mini" bike.

    Guess I'll have to check it out - thanks
  6. Moving to a scooter from a normal bike does present problems of stability, especially if the rider is nervous. Most scooters (of the smaller variety) have tiny wheels. What gives a bike most of it's stability is the gyroscopic force of the wheels.

    This in effect makes the bike want to stay upright. I am sure you have seen race bikes that have ditched their riders seemingly continue on regardless. Basically the bigger the wheels the less wobbly a bike/scooter will be even at 20kmh.

    If you find yourself wobbling about a bit and hence making you more nervous on a scooter, then go back to the bigger wheeled bike (if you can find 1 to fit you)

  7. Hi,

    I did a 2 hour tutition session at MCM a little while ago after I stuffed up my L's test with a silly mistake. I think it proved to be a the best mistake I could have made as I found the private tutition to be really rewarding in terms of skill and knowledge gained.

    Having 1 on 1 instruction means the instructor can really focus on you and not 5-6 other riders. Plus you dont have to worry about everyone waiting and watching you.

    Well worth it and I think you will probably come away feeling a lot more confident.

    Let us know how you go!

  8. people are going to say alot of things in recommendation to you, but when it comes to going for your going for your learners there is only 3 things you need to remember

    1. listen to what you are being told by the instructor
    2. don't think to much (alot of people have a tendancy to get nervous because they are trying to think about things to much)
    3.relax and trust the bike
  9. Thanks everyone.

    Phew must passed my written test this evening :) One more test to go to get the learners.

    Found out that it was a guard protecting the rider from getting burnt on the exhaust that caused my bruise - Lol

    The one on one is going to be 1 hour on a scooter so I can pass the learners test and 1 hour on a 125cc Hartford bike, that I struggle to reach the ground on...but as everyone keeps telling me doesn't matter when you are actually riding.

    Yes I feel safer on the geared bigger bikes, knowing I can use the clutch to slow if I need to helps too.

    Apparently the Suzuki Intruder is lighter than the virago and shouldnt give the the bruise the Virago did. Also checked out the Pagsta on the web, will definetly look at that too.

    Feeling a little better today :)

    I also got to meet some scary people...someone who failed his written test, also didn't do well in the riding along with me, was recommended a private lesson...and guess what he rode home on a bike he just bought......even though he couldn't ride, wasnt too sure on the road rules and hasn't yet got his learners...yikes!!!!

    I'll let you know how I go, thanks again :)
  10. That's true - it doesn't matter while you're riding... but it sure starts to matter when you come to a stop. Especially when your stop is kind of sudden and wobbly and you need to support yourself... which does happen, especially to beginners. In conclusion, if you don't anticipate any need to stop, get on a tall bike :)
  11. lol,

    hey this is me herry, we had a good talk during your theory class..... haha

    i am the one who failed the theory test..... 7 wrong.... damn it... haha
  12. :LOL: Still reckon its scary what you did :) - did ya pass the test? -small world !!
  13. Thanks....yep No 2 is me....didn't sleep at all last night :roll: all the theory round and round in my head!
  14. this might sounds crazy. but thx to that daring ride , i have a lot more confidence doing my l test and doing little riding on the road even without my license.

    however, the l test should be easy, just gotta practise that slow ride. and as others say.... be confidence... dont think too much. if you dropped the bike at the trainig centre.... dw too much... its not ur bike haha.

    you will make it.
  15. Yahooooo....just did my private lesson and the fear finally fell away...phew. I made it, apparently I can pass the test with how I went today.

    Wish me luck, test is on Monday. I did my lesson on the scooter but at least it meant my confidence went up. I think also I used their gloves (softer) and I didn't wear my bulky dririder jacket, it helped heaps.

    Anyway we'll see but I am feeling a whole lot better and I actually enjoyed myself......leading up to this afternoon i was a bundle of nerves...so glad thats gone :))

    cheers :grin:
  16. Yes, yes she was...I think about...hmm...1ish? the jitters started to take hold ;)

    I'll see you soon, but sorry I didn't reply last night, didn't hear my phone or see your sms till late :)
  17. If you're a bit nervous about riding, if you have the opportunity you should try riding some dirt bikes, off road of course. If you fall, well it wont hurt that much and it gives you a better feel for a motorbike as your not on such an artificial surface and the ground is always changing.

    In qld the L's for your moto is much easier, i answered 5 questions (eg. Do you have to wear a helmet while riding on the road? and Where do your legs sit while riding? A: The footpegs B: Hang out in mid air C: The handlebar)
  18. Yahoooooooooooooo I GOT It :)

    I got my learners today ....yahoooooo :grin:

    Now its decision time, scooter or bike. :)) Got my confidence up cause I barely reach the ground on the scooter when I'm seated lol - but its lighter so easier to control for me.

    So I guess any bike i get would have to be a "lightish" one or some sort of cruiser where's its not so top heavy.

    Anyway.....thanks for the tips to help me on my way

    yahoooooooooooooooooo :) Now if I go to Netrider coffee (haven't been for over a year or so) - I wont feel like a phony :p
  19. So you're coming tomorrow? :LOL:

    Said it today...but congrats :grin:
  20. I've said it too ..... but happy to also put it in writing - Congratulations girl, well done :grin: