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Any tips for my new er5?

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jadas, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I just picked up a secondhand er5. A bit of work and it's now going well. This is my first bike and I'm only a new rider. Do these bikes have any particular peculiarities that I need to be aware of?


  2. Only what all new bikes will have, be careful with new tyres and new brakes. Gearbox may be a bit stiff, finding friction point can be tricky etc. Congrats on the new pickup btw, pics?
  3. Had this as my first bike ... a good solid bike, adequate low down grunt, slightly ballistic between 7000-9000 rpm. Fantastic economy. Not the sharpest handler (compared to sports bikes), but accurate enough if you plan your cornering lines early.

    Tips? Well mechanically it was very simple to work on - fairly easy to access the spark plugs - before removing the plugs, make sure you air pressure clean the surroundings of the plug - there's a tricky drain hole on the side of the top head - stick your air gun in there and blast out whatever sediments is caught up there (I had little bits of gravel ... don't let that drop into the cylinder!).

    The seat was fairly easy to remove, and a fair bit of storage room under there too ... I installed a cigarette lighter plug (separate relay) to operate my USB charger for my phone.

    I liked the bike, I'm confident you'll enjoy yours ...
  4. Thanks folks. I went out early yesterday morning to see how she'd start in the cold and yep it started up no worries. I've a feeling I've picked up a little ripper! Perfect for my use anyway...
    But, um, I'm not sure how to post images on here...