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any tips for a triumph

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by whynot, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Hi guys...
    I am so excited. I upgraded from a Yahmaha 250cc to a triumph bonneville America 800. When I went in this morning to test ride her my heart made at least 100 beats more then normal... mind you I am first 6 months a rider. As soon as I got into the 2nd corner it felt great, now I just have to adjust not to go full throttle.
    the only thing I noticed is to go into first gear I realy have to pump it down. Does anyone has this problem or is it wiht bigger bikes normal that you don't hear the click..
    thanks a lot I know I will get many good tips out of this thread...
    cheers Elly

  2. Is it a new bike?
    I would allow some time for bits to wear in, and the bikes character to show itself.

    NO experience for me with a triumph, but unless you are almost stopped (ie less than 10 kmh) you shouldn't need first gear, or indeed try to select it!.

    I was having a look at a triumph thruxton last week, ands hope that one may join my garage soon, alongside the other vehicles.
  3. Thanks Peter,
    no Bonniville is not a new bike. It is a 2nd hand one but very good condition and has just 17000 km on the clock.
    So you think just put first gear in when fully standstill and to ride off..?
    Congrats to your new bike and I am sure it will soon join your garage...lol
  4. i love the 'old' look of the Thruxton. my mate has one. he loves her. she sounds sweet too.