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any thougths on buells

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Chicken man, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. starting to look around for a bigger bike .
    I like the look of the buell. Any thoughts good or bad :cool:

  2. awsome bikes ... look like a savage sport bike ...... sound great .. handle well....... light .. well for a harley ... the harley you have when you hate harleys
  3. Any bike that stores its fuel in the frame and its oil in the subframe to me is just twisted :)
  4. i see they have a belt instead of a chain what is the diffrent
  5. Personally havn't had any experience on a buell, but check out this site


    Theres a cple of reviews on them on this site.

  6. well xr hondas are only half twisted then :p
  7. badweatherbikers.com enormous source of information
  8. A guy form work has one ,i keep saying lets go for a ride ,he keeps say he's still waiting on a part ,that was 10 weeks ago and he's not happy and it's not the first time he's had to wait along time on parts.
    Not sure on other bike brands ,but it's along time between rides.
  9. Ace Bikes, Bash a bit more oil in em then factory n go out hanging stands ,monos and stoppies all over the place. Be prepared to top out on speed just over the 200 tho, if u can live with that, Grab one, The belt is good, the new 06 belt is better n normal, (kevlar n trick) stuff in it). It even has a 6 speed box, ya can bomb the eyeballs out of them, ala screaming eagle style, (mine has nitrous). and wanna know about handling ?? in the TOP 5 best handling bikes everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    My gix1100 eats it for acceleration and seat of the pants , "im gunna die next corner" fun

  10. i like them lol thats all i can say
    they sound fat
    look decent and goes alright...
    :grin: :grin:
  11. To Be honest i had never looked at a Buell
    i hear them coming and see them going but had not really taken any notice of them ,i am into cruisers not suiside bikes
    that was until i went to bike mart in ringwood last week to pick something up and Brian demonstrated the product on his bike <he loves it ,i said sorry darlin great bike for you but not for me its just a boob rest and neck ache to me :grin:
  12. There bad mmkay
    Ha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    of the Hardley Able Comp. bikes :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  13. Talk to me at Fri night coffee if you come , Or PM me. Will give you a good run down.
  14. And how does this unique design philosophy pay off?" asks Buell. "Well, BIKE magazine from England ran an article this month on the 50 best handling motorcycles of all time, and the Buell Firebolt was selected number one!"


    And damn near anyone i know who has sat on one and had the thrill of riding one. As for lapping on it everyday, Nope , got a gixxa for that,sometimes its good to speed.

  15. I'd love to know what other bikes are in that list.

    It seems strange to give no.1 to a buell, or indeed any 1000cc+ bike.

    In terms of handling alone, its obvious that 125cc race replica's would be easily the best, no competition.

    Anyway, on the subject of Buells, I thought they looked very cool, and reasonably priced too (used values are well over inflated though).

    But I've heard the engines are HD's to the core- i.e. They leak oil like a sieve, last reasonably long but require constant maintenance, shittiest gearboxes anywhere. Good bikes, but would be great if they simply used Jap engines.
  16. Mine has 18000 k on the clock in just over a year,never dropped a bit of oil, and runs perfect, has a 20 HP nitrous kit on it with aftermarket computer, and it isnt my main ride bike.People like Dazza who has probabably never sat on one seem to be able to go they are bad mmkay are flogs, They are NOT to everyones tastes,They are a big twin and have enormous torque and a short wheelbase. they mono at the flick of the wrist, perform stoppies without a thought.A top stunting bike basically, and sit on 100 kays easily. Ride before you buy , Thats all it comes down to.
  17. thank for a the veiws will take them in to heart .these lots more bikes out there to look at again thanks
  18. #22 was the Hornet 900... :grin:

    It was a list of production bikes, so the 125GP bikes and the like are out - and it also took into account how you expected the bike to perform - thus, the supersports bikes etc were ranked a bit lower as you would expect them to corner forever.

    The ranking formula was something like corner speed + excitement factor + safety factor or something.