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Any thoughts on this classic?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DarthRider, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. 1985 model like new?? have you or can you see it yourself? I'd be getting a good mechanic to look it over, time perishes rubber and plastics.. Service history??
  2. Ah, you know what he means! He has nothing on it, but it does start. I think the price reflects his lack of knowledge/care on it- not saying I'm a motorcycle genius or anything.
  3. If he has a $1400 offer on it he should take it. It certainly doesn't bloody look like new, and everything that was ever plastic or rubber you can be certain that it's no longer serviceable.

    Unless you're a connoisseur of things XS400 looking to add to a collection, or a skilled home mechanic, if you want to actually ride it there's a good chance it'll cost you another $1400 to recommission it (tyres, rubbers, seals, oils, brake pads, etc etc), and probably another $1400 not long thereafter (something will go wrong in the next 5000 kms).

    Plus it's Gumtree - if the bike was good the owner would know what it's worth, and it wouldn't be on Gumtree.

    My $0.02 based on ownership of a well-cared for 30 year old CX500.
  4. Someone offered him double his asking and he didint take it? Wtf?
  5. Exactly. Who would offer double the price. Even if you wanted it straight away you'd only offer $550 :-s
  6. Ah wow, I didn't realise getting the bike up to scratch would be so costly. I guess I'll give this bike the pass. Your two cents were definitely valuable, thanks for that insight. VerticalC, that thought crossed my mind several times. It all sounds shifty. And the fact that it's on gumtree doesn't really help. Oh well, I guess this just means I've got to quit looking for shortcuts and keep saving! Thanks for the quick replies my friends. Ride safe.
  7. Well I'm no expert but that's just what I reckon Murphy's law dictates. If its been sitting though and you have to pay someone to do the work I reckon you'll easily get to that. Particularly given you haven't seen it. You might be lucky and just need new tyres. Doubt it though.

    Given the work I've done on my CX I would have been financially better off with a 2yo Suzi Gs500 as a first bike.

    Learnt a lot though about keeping one running :).
  8. Absolutely; there are some bizarre ideas of bikes' value out there!!!
  9. If it sounds too good to be true, generally, it is!!
    especially on gumtree!!
  10. I'd give it a miss. The XS400 wasn't a bad bike. It was a lot better than its contemporary Honda equivalents, for example, although that's a fairly low bar TBH. Handling was OK for its day and a good specimen would comfortably top the old imperial ton given a bit of a run up

    However, like most Japanese bikes at the time, it was made from crappy materials that corroded like buggery in even the driest conditions (that engine looks well furry) and reliable spares backup disappeared a couple of years after it was discontinued. It never really had an enthusiast following so getting parts will be harder than for something like a CB400F or a Yam RD. OTOH I've been led to believe that quite a bit of the running gear and ancillaries will interchange with the RD400 so maybe the parts situation isn't quite as dire as all that.

    At $550 I might go for it 'cos if it runs and isn't too hanging it's got some cheap potential. $1400+ though and I wouldn't bother because that sort of money will, with a bit of luck and patience, get you something that isn't a 1970s bread-and-butter design built to a budget.
  11. Why the gumtree bad rep? Not denying you just curious....
  12. over the years it has been rife with shonky people operating on that site..
    One guy got shafted just recently trying to buy a bike for his son..
    Buyer beware is all I say..
  13. Darth, you're supposed to be saving to buy my bike, no distractions!

  14. Was the $1400 offer from someone working on an oil rig wanting to buy it for his brother??
  15. I baby-sat an XS400 for a few months, purchased for $1600, and it wasn't worth the money. I rode it a couple of times, but I got sick of standing by the roadside trying to kickstart it, just as I got sick of the sick clutch and the speed wobble on the freeway, and my mate who bought it got sick of it once he realised how much it was going to cost to make it reliable. Parts are a bit rare as well, there's basically been no following for this bike, except that in the last couple of years people are snapping up anything like this for a cafe racer / flat tracker / bobber / crap piece of crap project.

    Absolutely. As I just said, it's the sudden surge in backyard custom bike building that's done it. Suddenly the heaps of shit that used to be the only viable bikes for uni students are expensive (take a look at Kwaka GT550s, and those things are on their deathbeds and expensive to rebuild). Fortunatley, the ten to fifteen year old bikes, such as the '90s Hornet 600, are dropping in consequence, so that poor boys can now buy a 'late' model bike for their money while everybody snaps up the shit, which used to go for $1k, for $3-5k
  16. jeez, the XS400 was an exceedingly ORDINARY bike when it was brand new !!
  17. But just think what a mini speedo and clubman bars will do to it!