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any thoughts on the kawasaki w800

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bonneville53, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. hi guys
    anyone own a kawa w800
    what are your thoughts down the line
    they certainly look good

  2. Im not an owner but have ridden one.
    Fun to ride but easy to deck the pegs.
    Its a bit softer than the triumphs bonne in suspension, handling and power.
    I still dont like spokes on road bikes.

    Interstingly I had felt a constant hot draft of air blowing out onto my RHS calf from around the injector cover area.
  3. Try the search function, the W800 is mentioned all the time, and I believe mattb owns one
  4. That's probably from the bevel drive - I get it on my carbied W650, and when I first bought it my knee once touched the drive so I know where the heat source is! (somehow my body knows not to go there anymore...)

    As you know Paul, from other threads, I own the 650; I haven't ridden the 800, but apparently it's just like the 650 except with more of the good stuff in every way. In which case it'd be brilliant! I've added 4000km to my bike so far and the more I ride it the more I love it! Most of the stuff is the same on the two bikes, and there are zero reported niggles / flaws on the net for the 650.
  5. I have one and love it!
    Looks great, turns heads everywhere I go...

    Has been completely reliable and had no problems with it for the last 12 months.
    Just clicked over 16000kms on it actually!

    Is great around town, great for regional half day rides... and then I took it to the Snowies Ride last year, and even toured Tassie on it for two weeks!

    Very forgiving, comfortable, well made, and I still love riding it!
    I did change the tyres to Pirelli Sport Demon's though :)
  6. doesn't have a kick starter! get the w650 instead!