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Any thoughts on Suzuki GSF250 Bandit?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Romus, May 13, 2006.

  1. Hi guys

    Not long ago I posted my first question here, and loved your encouragment and enthusiasm :) If you remember I asked about the VTR250, and thanks everyone for opinions. Some suggested I should go for a 500 or even 600cc but I think I will stick with the 250's, at least in the first year or two, as they seem big enough! :)

    I love the look of the VTR250 still, sat on one today, but would like to broaden my horizons. Can't test ride anything, no licence but booked my riders course the other day, so for now i'm just "looking and feeling" :) Anyway, what are your guy's thoughts on the 250 Bandit? I know it's slightly more powerful, few kilos heavier, doesn't sound as good as the V - and sound isn't one of my primary concerns.

    There seems to be a gray import model - how avaliable are spare parts for thiese, as well as normally imported Bandits? And generally, please any opinions would be very appreciated. :)

    Thanks :)
  2. Aus-delivered models all had the variable exhaust thingy, as did some greys (easy to pick since the engine head was also coloured bright red). Earlier grey imports lacked this but otherwise all parts are exactly the same as the Aus delivered versions. Parts are easy to find, any Suzuki dealer should have them or be able to get them in - even oil filters are easy to get despite being unique to that engine (which is NOT the same as that in the Across). The Bandit is a great bike, the variable exhaust of later models gives them a little more torque at low rpm but the earlier models are still good. Personally I prefer the sportier ride position of the 250 Kat which uses the same engine - but the Bandit's a great choice for a naked 250.
  3. Thanks mate. Now that you mention it, I did notice the red covers in some pictures I've seen.

    Another question if you don't mind. I've read somewhere that VTR250 consumes some 4.5L per 100kms. Do you know what the consumption of the Bandit is like? I find fuel consumption on bikes to be an information that's hard to find online.

    Thanks for your reply and info again :)
  4. My bandit (vtec) averaged around 5.5-6L per 100kms..
  5. my first bike was a red GSF250 Suzuki bandit--- i had it for 3 1/2 years and loved it dearly------ and it still is around these days-- i see it on the road and the guy who bought it loves it also.

    it had good power low end and mid range. i found that it did around 200- 220km on full tank with moderate sedate riding and around 180km on high speed freeway runs etc.

    in the looks department it aint "sporty" say like the honda cbr250rr- but makes a great street fighter naked bike if some work is put into it.

    It is a very good bike for learners eg- brakes, suspension, handling and would highly recommend it to a first timer.
  6. wow a 250cc consumes 6 litres? :) That's like a small car almost. Of course, still a huge reduction if you compare it to my 535i's 18L/100km.

    That's great. Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I think I am leaning towards the Bandit, but can't say anything until I got the licence and can try some of them.

    Besides Bandits seem cheaper than VTR's (second hand). Thanks again!