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Any thoughts on Honda NTV 650 Revere or Suzuki VX 800?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by journeyman, May 18, 2005.

  1. Am looking around for a "project" bike that will replace my Spada - not that I can legally ride >260cc for a few months yet but with winter beginning to happen, there's the opportunity to spend some time in the shed doing something up for the better weather. I've narrowed down my requirements to something like:

    - naked bike
    - suitable for touring and some city riding
    - somewhere around 750cc - give or take a bit
    - reasonable pillion space
    - not excessively heavy - say 200-ish kg tops
    - not necesssarily too powerful - but at least 50hp and with decent torque
    - probably a water cooled vee twin
    - probably shaft drive
    - maintainable by me - which probably means carbs rather than EFI
    - spares available
    - preferably not over $5K for initial purchase and restoration

    I'm considering at either a Honda NTV 650 Revere or a Suzuki VX 800 - either of which seem to fit the bill - both of which are 10-15 years old. Have seen a Revere in pretty good nick with ~30000km for about $3K plus rego etc - any VX's I've seen so far are more like twice that or above. And although an engine rebuild is well within my capability, I'm not too keen on having to rebuild the gearbox.

    Does anyone have any knowledge or advice about either of these bikes?

  2. The VX got really good reviews at the time. The ntv didn't.

    Although I did hear the ntv had a big restrictor in the (inlet?) manifold, the removal of which (along with pipe and carby work) fixed most of the critism.

    I'd consider one.
  3. Why fear EFI as oppose to carbs. EFI will tell you when something is wrong by way of a fault code. A carb will just not work properly until you find its fault.