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Any tech savvy helmetcam users in the 'hood?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ozbiker1, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. About to bite the digi-vid-bullet & get serious on a vehicle/helmet cam.
    One that is multipurpose would be great i.e. can use in/on a few different vehicles.
    Any worthwhile suggestions?
    User friendly, serviceable & durable would be priorities.
    Recommendations? Buy local or OS?

  2. I have a Drift Ghost-S which I find very good, nice low profile, waterproof enough for riding in the rain without an extra bulky case, decent video quality, excellent battery life. The only issue I've had is with the external mic I often get a high frequency ring but editing gets rid of that. I have had an issue recently on a ride but that was due to the battery not sitting in properly due to me not pushing the battery holder latch in properly. You can get quite a few different mounting options. I got mine from Camzilla in Sydney (they deliver anywhere though) along with a few extra mounting options and battery charger. I bought some cheapie batteries of eBay and they work very well too. It can handle up to 64GB flash card but you have to make sure you get the right type or it wont work properly.

    GoPro's are the current leader but can be pricey depending on the model you get. I don't like their profiles for mounting on a helmet but most riders mount the on the chin and not on the side. They have a GoPro Session model out now that you could look at.

    The new kid on the block is the Sony FDR-X1000V 4K, supposedly fantastic quality and is splashproof with a nice low profile.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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  3. Don't buy a Contour. Great profile and concept but I understand the company has pretty much gone bust. Explains the serious lack of any support in the last few years. Plus the go pro takes better quality video anyway.
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  4. I had wondered what was happening to them, they were pretty good and on my list when I was fist looking at cameras.
  5. I have the first gen one. Tech support was always an issue. I effectively chose the equivalent of the Beta in the video format war :(
    Will have to get a new one at some point.
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  6. I have a Sony AS20 action cam. Records at 1080p/60fps and has what I think is the best built in anti-shake feature. Sony's software is good too, but you can download that for free and use it with any cam.

    As much as I'd like a GoPro session (the little tiny buggers) I'm not going to fork out an extra $200 for the brand name when they simply aren't 'better' than the competition in any way shape or form any more.

    The bad thing about the Sony......you can't record while it charges. So you can't have it plugged in constantly to turn on with your ignition etc, which is a bit of a bummer.
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  7. It seems a lot of these cameras are like that, which really does suck.
  8. I have a GoPro 4 session and most impressed at this stage.

    What really sells it is the user friendly app to manage your camera settings and quickly review what you have recorded - all wifi linked off course.

    Not suited for helmet fitment but I have a ram mount setup on the handlebars with a pretty good and wide forward view.
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  9. never been a Sony person ... period. all due entirely & undeniably to what they did & continue to do to the music industry :)
  10. Totally understandable :)
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  11. I've got an ion pro 2 and it does a good job. I think the pro 3 is out now. Worth looking into. Only gripe is that the thread is plastic on the 2 so easy to strip out if not careful. Dunno if the 3 is the same though
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  12. I've had a GoPro.... I have a Drift Ghost-S now and haven't looked back.

    In regards to buying local or OS - with the AUD as it is now, I would think locally would definitely be the go. I got mine from Ryda.com.au - they have a store on Parramatta Rd at Petersham as well. At the time they were the cheapest I could find - they is usually a further $5 off or similar coupon that pops up on the screen as well as you browse.

    I did bring in a stack of accessories - case, suction mount, waterproof case etc from OS, as with postage they worked out much cheaper, BUT again, that may have changed with the AUD as it is.
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  13. I have a drift stealth which is small, light and easy to use. Can get them cheap at the moment
    Drift HD Stealth 2 Camera
    They have a tripod mount as well as the usual sticky things so its pretty flexible to mount.
    (I use a sony handlebar mount Handlebar Mount that was cheaper than this on e-bay)
    Disadvantage is a fixed battery so you can't carry a spare, but what's there lasts around 3 hours.
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  14. Ta for that twistngotwistngo looks like a decent deal at $160 AUD. free post. Any need for the remote?
  15. Thanks mate, have just done a quick overview of options and purchased one of these. Gotta beat my old rooted Contour lol....
  16. Ozbiker1Ozbiker1 the remote is handy for when you mount the camera in a place you can't reach while riding, or at least while seated on it
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  17. Nikon have announced a new action cam, the KeyMission 360, no pricing yet as far as I know.
    Looks like it's two back to back lenses/cameras that does 360 degrees.
    Nikon Australia - Product News
  18. Huh. That looks good . Mega coin I think ....
  19. Yes, it could well be priced well above the other typical action cams, it can do 4k video, so a step up from the HD res of current models.
    It'd be a great safety cam though, 180 degrees in each direction if it was helmet mounted.