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Any Superjesus fans ? . . . . hehehe

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, May 28, 2006.

  1. I am ! :grin:

    I got a pic with Sarah McLeod this morning at the Sony Tourist Trophy release.


    Stuff the Cagiva, I think i'm going out to upgrade to a Ducati !

    . . . . . seeyas,

    i'm off to play Tourist Trophy until the Monaco F1 GP coverage starts on Ch10 ! :eek: :LOL:
  2. So did you tell her about Netrider while you had a chance? We need more famous names around here!
    I really liked the very first EP Superjesus ever released, but not so much the other stuff that came after... and pretty soon I stopped paying atention. Still, I know who she is, at least :)
  3. hey I was there too! with a couple of the oroad guys
  4. looks like she's over that Silverchair knob!!

    Mickyb, I'd say you're a shoe in at this point :wink:
  5. I was there too, and had a great time. Pity I kept crashing in the game.

    Can't wait to see the publicity shots. Anyone know when to expect them to be released?
  6. Sorry but who is Sarah McLeod. Is she a scooter rider?
  7. Did you read the thread title, obviously not. Get back in your box old man
  8. Oh I got it. Superjesus is a brand of scooter which Sarah rides. Thanks for the clue.
  9. hey Ed ! :LOL:

    She actually endorses Ducati !
    I looked at the Cagiva on Saturday . . oh man, what a bike !

    But Sarah McLead with her Ducati leathers . . . :? :eek:
    . . . I think give it some more thought on whether i go Cagiva ! :grin:
  10. Is she ?
    Which Silverchair guy ? . . your not getting confused with Umbruglia ???

    shoe in hey ! :tantrum:

  11. Ummm... one of the other ones :) Chris or something? Him and Sarah used to date, then they broke up. No offence to Sarah, but it would be pretty difficult to confuse her with Natalie Imbruglia!
  12. Sarah actually rides. A Ducati Monster 620.

    And I've lowslided and highslided in that damn game more times than I can count.

    Should have heard me swearing though when I had to start off in the thing riding a damn scooter :)

    Guy said a bunch of the pics should go up on the MCCofNSW site as soon as he gets them.
  13. Superjesus rock live.. ohh the memories of the offshore festival.. sooo young... soo drunk.
  14. sarah mcleod has now gone solo and is still awsome. i loved her superjesus and now i love her solo stuff. and kanduli01 i almost took a swipe at you for that scooter remark. she rides a ducati as kaer mentioned.