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Any Suggestions.. Wanna RIDE!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cleatus, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,
    just wondering if anyone had some advice on what to do in my situation..
    i finally explained to my parents i want a bike, and want to go for my l's..
    ive eared money with a job ive had over the last 3 years or so.. and i currently have a car.. i explained to them id liked to sell my car to buy a 250..
    However, since im in year 12 now, apparently!!! i cant get it till im finished..as if its going to get in the way of study..
    Any suggestions on how to convince them to let me get my l's and ride?!!!! and ive already tried suicide threats and a 2 by 4, lets just say i came off second best lol

  2. well just go out and by the bike you want and all the gear then keep at one of ya mates place go get ya lience in one of ya spares and its all good. If you need help buying the bike ask one of ya mates who knows about bikes to come look with you.. if they aint in to bikes then maybe someone on here could help you any one up for it or take it to a mechanic??!!
  3. Just wait til you're finished with year 12. The bike will distract you from studying, and you only get one go at year 12, so you need to kick butt.

    Plan for getting one in Oct/Nov after your last exam.

    No offence, but you sound like a spoiled brat by threatening your parents. Ever think they may actually have your best interests at heart?
  4. Hahaha sorry bout how that sounded..
    i was only joking,. i would never do that to my parents!!! lol
    if i was such a asshole as to threaten them with a screwdriver i doubt id think twice about buying a bike!..
    thing is the car i have atm is about work 6 grand.. n they dont want me to sell it to buy a bike..
    i woulda had money on the side to buy won but i had to pay off schoolies for this year...
    Thanks for advice, its just sooo aggrivating knowing you cant go out n just ride lol..
  5. Patience young grasshopper.

    You got your whole life ahead of you.

    Stop. Think. Plan.

    Riding is fun, yes, but it's not the most important thing in life (yes, shock horror), unless you're a professional racer.

    Deal with the important things in your life at the moment (your education maybe?, cause it really does matter later on how you do now) and when you have earnt your independence, then you can do what you like, just be sensible about it, like all things in life.
  6. If you think its not going to get in the way of study your mistaken!

    my study habits are really bad now i have the bike, any excuse to go for a ride i take, and i always take the long way home from where ever i am.

    wait till your finished mate, and don't forget you need to pay for the
    stamp duty
    reg (or reg change over)
    (and anything the bike might need soon after buying it)

    and your gonna have more money to do it if you have a better education.

    so best to wait till you finish school.

    My 2c
  7. I got my l's 4 weeks before my first HSC exam. Even though i didnt get a bike untill 4 months later (a fter i had finished school). It was just like any other weekend, I only ride weekends though now so it probably wouldn't have affected me even if i did get a bike before the exams. And im not a drop out either. I got decent marks >80 with 3 weeks study. I might add 2 weeks before the HSC i did a week (4 days) of work experience. None of which affected me.

    Just manage your time and you want have any problems. I've got to start doing this now as i have started uni. But yea there right about rego and stamp duty probably best once you finish school and have time to sort it all out. But its still managable.

    My advice, get someone else on your side from your family and do it together (the test that is). I did it with my sis and her husband so mum and dad were quiet once and adult was doing it. Also i wouldnt go selling your car just yet, what happens if you hate it and your left without any transport.

    My first bike cost $500 after 4months of looking, so id be aiming at something maybe alittle moe but there's no real need to spend $6000 on a bike unless you just want to show it off to everyone.
  8. money talks
  9. I honestly cant think you all so much,
    just seeing people who are my age and older letting me know means alot..
    ive really gotta think it through and you are completely right.. i guess a bikes not EVERYTHING!
    My birthday is pretti much wen final exams are on so hopefully i can get some more money there and get my l's and whatnot after final exams!
    thankyous all so much..
    ill still lerk around these forums till then..
    Again Cheers!