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Any suggestions for my ass?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Biker Girl, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. I sometimes like a bit of a tour along our great roads of SA and Victoria and occassionally will brave the elements and ride from Melbourne to Adelaide on my noble steed (a GPX 250). The only thing that annoys me is that before I've even reached Adelaide, my ass feels like it has been spanked with a wooden plank several times and my back is screaming at me to get off the freakn bike. Any suggestions for added comfort? Would a sheepskin really help? :grin:

  2. Well you could try getting a bike built for touring :grin:

    I know some ladies have great success with those pushbike lycra gell pants
  3. You need a pillion to massage your buttocks as you ride.

    I don't expect much pay, the occasional vodka and pie floater will do as payment :LOL:
  4. just get your seat reshaped, foam added, etc. I did mine myself, and managed to get the original foam on. sheepskins help a bit but arent a solution in themselves. find a good motorcycle seat upholsterer and restorer if you want to get someone else to do it. foam can be cut with an electric carving knife and shaped with an angle grinder with a sanding disc on it - not a grinding disk. get a cheapy cos they are lighter and easier to use on foam.
  5. OK, so this isn't from the most trustworthy source, but I read an article in Picture magazine, aw, 15 years ago?

    It claimed that a harley-riding female had found that putting banana skins over her seat before, ahem, mounting, made long distance touring much less of a strain on the ol' glutes.

    I'm not kidding, that's what it said. Of course, seeing as she was posing with her jubblies out throughout the feature, I'd suspect that the entire thing may have been concocted purely so they could use the best headline I ever saw on a magazine:

    "Bikie Babe Cures Bum-ache with Banana"

    Now that, friends, is journalism.
  6. Some people pay for that feeling!

  7. Hi Biker Girl
    Go the sheep skin, they are that good. l used a crude market fleece for a while if l was going to spend serious time on the road. Have since bought a cover from Sheepy Hollow. A thicker pile and the fit & finish is quality stuff.
  8. Unless the pie was floating in the vodka, that is a terrible waste of a perfectly good pie. How could you Vic! Those things are bloody awful. I left SA to get away from the sight of the bloody things!
  9. I was going to go into that 'I'll rub ya' bit but I would get accused of being a dirty old man. (hehehe I am. SHSHSSHHH)

    Change the seat and the seating position. My bike has a hard seat and I get the same prob. The up holsterers can help you there.

    If your bike can't have risers put on the bars, and you can't get higher bars, get another bike. A someone said, get a cruiser type.

    I found sheepshins etc only worked for a while until they matted up. The idea is to soften the seat or the springs. It might also be an idea to soften the preload if you can, and even lower the tyre pressures to the lowest good level.

  10. The sheep skin is supposed to work wonders, however some people are into animal lib and don't like the idea of killing an animal to benefit one's own comfort. If this is the case I'd recomend using a small sheep, and definately use decent occy straps cause the bastards will wriggle a lot. :wink:
  11. Before you start spending lots of $ on reshaping your bike's seat or doing weird stuff with banana skins (what the hell was that all about???), investigate getting a sheepskin.

    I got a seatpad from Sheepy Hollow for about the cost of a CD. It fits fine, doesn't slip around, and although nothing can change an Across seat into a Lazyboy it does make it a good deal more comfortable.
  12. Get rid of either of the following will help:

    Your arse
    Your bike
    Your long rides

    :p :p
  13. unsure if the sheepskin would really help.... but you dont see many Kiwi shepherds complaining about the comfort of sheepskin :LOL: but i would love to spank your ass with a wooden paddle to see if it really is as bad as you say .... in the name of science of course :wink:
  14. Eat more chocolate!!!
  15. That's it right there, problem solved
  16. I put a sheepskin on my bike and what I found is this.
    - Now takes 3hrs instead of 1 hr for my arse to get sore.
    - If my arse is already sore b4 I put the sheepskin on it does not help.

    Mine is a good (but could be better) off cut that I got at salamanca markets in Hobart. :)

    I would recommend sheepskin as money well spent even if it doesn't eliminate your problem 100%. It will improve the situation!
  17. LOL :LOL: :LOL:

    Rumpy the trumpy rump spanka :p :LOL:
  18. A carrot is always good for a donkey.
  19. & wear those soft incontinence nappies dem 'ol people wear
    for xtra padding. Added advantage is your ride will
    shorten in travelling time as U wont need 2 stop for
    a piddle :grin:
  20. Sheepskin's good, but a pair of Netti padded push-bike shorts is the best, no contest.