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Any stargazers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jym, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. So I'm sitting on the patio having a smoke looking up at the stars, living in the country I get a pretty good view.

    I noticed out to the east a bright red star and I wonder if it's Mars? Anyone know?

  2. I think your looking at youranus

    or it could be Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, Arcturus or Antares
  3. Depends what you are smoking.
    It could be the street lights
  4. Its a UFO
  5. North East about 20 degrees above the horizon. Mars should be visible from about 10:30.

    Was that the direction you were looking?
  6. Indeed it was, and at roughly that time!
    I'm proud of myself for noticing something.
    Thanks for your help.
  7. did they bring beer?
  8. If you liked that and enjoy low light conditions, go get yourself a cheap reflector telescope - it will blow your mind.
    Also, go here and scroll down to the Southern Hemisphere edition - it's a free monthly map showing the positions of objects in the sky, so you can look for and confirm what you're seeing...
  9. Only XXXX Gold. Must have been visiting from QLD :(
  10. Cheers Kreep! I've never tried Astrology before, reckon I'll give it a go. Or is it astronomy? I have no idea, but I hate horoscopes
    What's your sign, brother-man?
  12. Damn! I knew that would happen!
  13. Hehe common mistake but still makes me laugh - it's kinda about planets, I guess...

    Seriously though, I still remember spotting the rings around Saturn for the first time, and marvelling at a whole 'nother planet up there.
    Or the first time I got a decent look at a different galaxy, and realising just how impossibly insignificant we are. Truly mind blowing...
  14. If you have yourself one of them new smart fandangled phones, there are lots of apps that use the GPS, acceleromaters and compass to allow you to point your phone in any direction and it tells you what your looking at. Very impressive app. I use Google skymaps, but its only available for android, though there are plenty that ive seen on iPhone.
  15. This sounds convenient! Hopefully I can find a free one for iPhone.