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Any Sony Experia S or Nokia Lumia 900 Users here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lazy Libran, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Hi peeps...

    Existing iPhone 3GS user here and it's about time to upgrade so in the market looking for a decent phone.

    iPhone 5 is a bit ugly and TBH sick of iTunes ownership over everything.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 looks good but a tad oversized for my liking and also dont like its shape. Expensive plans as well.

    So that leaves Sony Experia S. I like the looks, shape and size but havent been able to get any decent first hand reviews hence looking for some here.

    Have also looked at the Nokia Lumia 800 at a phone store but 900 (and 920 is coming soon) is out and looks good. I dont mind the Windows interface (gasp).

    The Motorola Razr HD is also out but no reviews of that as well. And what about the HTC One (or something similar). How's that phone?

    So help me out with the right phone. Thanks in advance! :D
  2. Can't help ya much on those, but if you're looking to sell the 3GS, let me know what you'd want for it :p My missus' 3G is in need of a minor upgrade :)
  3. HTC one. Huge, however a brilliant phone.
    HTC velocity 4g is a better bet. Both very fast, simple to use and can do pretty much anything you ask of them.
  4. I have a Motorola RAZR XT910 (not HD)...you can call it the first generation of smart RAZRs I guess.

    It has been great and have had minimal issues. The issues I had with the phone were cured after their update and it's been great. Battery life is good, but just like Apple products, the battery is built in so if you ever need to replace it, it'll be a biatch. Constant use (gaming/facebook/any other power intensive things) gives me about 8-10 hours battery life. Using a phone for what it is, I have stretched it to 20 hours. Standby it lasts for about 2 days. I have a case for it, but have dropped it many times without any issues...it seems to hit the corners all the time and the glass/case hasn't cracked. So it is pretty sturdy. Not sure about the HD, since it is slightly bigger. Seems to work fine for me.

    Regarding Nokia...wait for the 920 if you can. The Lumia 800-900 only have Windows 7.5 (mango) which can't be upgraded to Windows 8. Nokia 920 will come with Windows 8 and from what my mate tells me, it is faster and more efficient allowing for better battery life. It is quite similar to Apple iOS in the sense it is simple to use and works. Application wise it is not as big as Apple or Android phones, however you can still use applications just fine. The user interface is different with bigger tiles meaning less space for application icons on the screen. So if you don't have gazillion applications on your infinite screens, then the Windows phones would be good choice.

    If you like heaps of applications and customisation, Android is for you. Android can stuff up at times though, but if you keep customisation to a minimum, things can be as reliable as any other OS.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks Phongus. I didn't know about the Windows 8 part so that was good to know.

    The Lumia 920 does look good so let's see. AM in no rush to get a phone and 3GS has been good so far so will wait. Not many apps just a few ones (bank, weather, radio etc) that I use everyday.

    Grue - sorry but wont be selling it. Might give it to Dad. :)
  6. I know it wont help, but I'm so over the smartphone thing. I've just gone back to a Nokia Asha 300. Battery lasts a week between charges :)
  7. I have a strong opinion about Sony Xperia - that phone is crap IMHO. Picked up for missus on a plan - just played around and took me 5 minutes (okay about 2 minutes) to work out where the photo I have just taken is stored. Found myself lost in trying to figure out how to use the phone, needless to say missus got back to her Nokia C201 (I think) and never looked back to the Xperia.

    I rate usability very high when it comes to phone or computer and in both, I believe Apple beats everything else hands down and that is why I prefer it. iPhone 5 is funny shape and when I upgrade next - I'll probably stick to 4S.

    S3 is kick ass in spec. But has bigger size for my liking too.

    Nokia - when I used it last, the 'photos' folder was called 'Media'. Why? Why not call Photos - Photos and Video - Video. Any ways, just my 2 cents here.