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Any sodden Netriders??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. I just heard wbout the wild weather and flooding over the weekend in Victoria, and I was wondering if it it had effected any of the Netrider family?

  2. The exact reason I choose not too go on the 4 musketeers ride. Snow forcast in alps and thunderstorms-not rain-thunderstorms, plural as well, means pretty much its gonna piss rain. Besides-Im at work while I type this :cry: so no long weekend :? no traffic getting to work either :)
  3. Maybe it is far far north gippy? Lets face it, most of Gippy's residents go to Qld to retire - well my parents did, and I am a Yarram boy from way back.

  4. Thanks for asking Paul.
    Although we needed the rain (75mm Sale) it affected me because I had a brand new bike that didnt get out of the garage for the whole weekend :cry:
    It scored a good clean and check over however.
    Bright sunshine this morning so I rode to work :LOL:
  5. Yep I copped it on the way to my gig in Mornington - waterproof jacket my arse! Not nearly as bad as the Musketeers and Stewy's mob will be copping it though!

  6. Oh yeah we were poured on all all sat and even worst on the way home yesterday
    from the Us & them rally in Morwell

    the pouring rain didnt bother us that much
    it was the gippy Cross winds that caused more of a problem
    as we were loaded up with camping gear
    the passing traffic went a long distance ahead
    so as not to cause more spray +1 to those cars on the highway
    -70 to those which caused a few seconds of blindness
    wipeing the visor didnt do a lot as
    my so called winter gloves were soaked through
    so the wind had to clear my visor
    my new rain suit bought friday from bikemart kept me 90% dry
    overall a cold wet and enjoyable weekend rally
    with a Huge fire to keep us warm :grin:

    there were more than 120+ riders
  7. I was riding back from Bendigo to Melbourne on Sunday, was aiming to leave around 1:30pm that day, but looked at the weather... gale force winds, waited till around 5 where it died down a little, so off I went

    Was fine coping with the wind pushing me all over my lane, until it started pouring and the fog came in, decided it was best to leave my bike at my Aunt's and get my boyfriend to come pick me up.

    I will go pick it up tomorrow when its sunny and calm again =D
  8. sorry guys, the author's post said Vagus QLD, i only gave it a quick look cause i was in a hurry and thought the vag was vic

    i hadnt slept all night either.

    i still haven't slept

    cheers :cool:
  9. hey Jax, you DO need some sleep. Typos and all here's the Original Post, and I'm blowed if I know where you got QLD out of it anywhere :?

    I just heard wbout the wild weather and flooding over the weekend in Victoria, and I was wondering if it it had effected any of the Netrider family?
  10. yerp... our apartment flooded..

    the water came from hte centre of the living room floor :shock:
  11. I had a very wet ride to work Sunday morning, twas pissing down.
  12. Psst.....I think she was referring to the post she linked to. :wink:
  13. :LOL: thanks rourk, i was going to let it go

  14. The link still had nothing to do with weather or floods, regardless of the state. :!:
  15. indeedly it didn't.
  16. I was playing 4x4's this weekend, not on the bike, so it didn't affect me much, but according to the local copper at Woods Point, there was ~70mm of rain Saturday night at Woods Point, and about 120mm at Licola (and the road is closed - the bridge has issues again).

    A lot of that was over the catchment areas, but the catchment areas have not a lot of foliage after the fires, so there's a lot of mud run-off too.. :cry:
  17. The 4 musketeer ride proceeded pretty much without a hitch. Coming into Tintaldra, it did start bucketing and drenched but we didn't seem to have experienced the windy conditions here in Melbourne. Met some guy the next morning who'd come up and he basically said it was really windy with torrential rain. Was occasional showers, roads were wet, roads between Tolmie to Whitfield was pea soup fog and a bit of icy conditions up to Thredbo. I didn't know anything about flooding until this morning.