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Any Snowboarders on here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, May 1, 2012.

  1. Last week I went to Cashies to see if they had any good music gear, whilst trying hard not to buy lots of motorbike gear, I somehow ended up with a Snowboard...

    So I'm going Snowboarding!

    I'm looking to grab some fresh piste, pull off some backside 50-50's & get some fat air...

    er... I think.

    I'm a complete nOOb, I went to the snow once,last year & wiped myself out on a toboggan :) Not really my fault, it's just there was no snow at the end of the run... Anyway lesson learnt.

    Got any tips? I take it working out how to stop should be high on my agenda, anything else? I've got a weekend booked at Mt Baw Baw, that should be enough time to get noticed & become the next Shaun White, right?
  2. I've never even seen snow in person, but snowboarding is high on my to-do list. The gf and I are considering spending a few nights in the snow for our four year anniversary in late June. Contrary to what I've been told, she thinks snowboarding will be easier than skiing because she doesn't think she'll be able to coordinate the two skis together...I predict disaster :p
  3. I am a skier,
    Get some lessons, FIRST, Broken wrists are common amongst snow boarders,

    Enjoy yourselves. It really is good fun,
  4. I intend to try ski-ing also, if I survive, I'll you know which was easier :)

    For what it's worth, I think stopping will be easier on ski's & that's where I could run into trouble.
  5. Cheers Brian, I'll definitely get some lessons & try to avoid the trees.
  6. Go Mt Buller, Same time to get there, Much better snow and more of it,

    Baw Baw is pure crap.
  7. mv I can teach you to ski, but cannot help you on a knuckle dragger plank ;)
  8. Ah dude, I sense like a disturbance in the balance or whatever.
  9. did you ski jerks ever play 1080 Snowboarding? Best game ever, it wasn't about skiing :p
  10. Chinese downhill is the best thing about skiing
  11. A Rasberry, I cant write the sound of vibrating lips, Hahahahaha
  12. More Info, ?????????????????????????
  13. thrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppp
  14. I always throw my mates down blue runs by the end of the 1st day. they learn quick!
  15. I'm super stoked about winter. It means less bike time but snowboarding is awesome :D

    - First bit of advice would be - always fall on elbows, arse, shoulders, try to commando roll. One of the most common injuries is broken wrists so NEVER put out your hands when you're falling (and you will fall) even if you're wearing wrist guards.

    - It's very much like motorcycling in that you go where you look. So don't look at trees, your feet, other boarders etc. Look down the slope in the direction you want to go (pointing helps).

    - Buy or hire some decent gear. Don't do what some muppets do and wear jeans and a rain coat. You will have a terrible time and never want to go again.

    - Watch heaps of youtube clip. No joke, it actually helps quite a bit. Save time by learning the theory at home. Look at heal side turns, toe side turns, 'linking' turns, then 'S' turns.

    - Finally, you can learn slow turns and manoeuvres fairly quickly. Don't do what I did and go as fast as you can, then try turning or stopping. It hurts. Gradually increase speed and make sure you can turn/stop before going faster.
  16. Cheers gsxrjames, some useful info there, I'm sure.

    Are you goofy or regular?

    I've done a bit of setup to my board, apparently, I've got a Goofy Centered Duck stance (not Full Duck)

  17. How much on average for a full set of gear? Would probably just hire since it'd be a waste of money if I never went back, but sizing would be a pain
  18. Things I learned whole snow boarding. Twisting the borad turn the board, giving it edge turns you. Don't put a down hill edge down unless you really mean it. Keep loose (being drunk helps). Thredbo blue runs are blacks pretty much anywhere else. Skiing is more fun.
  19. I'm regular. Do you know if you're goofy or is that just how the board came?
    There are heaps of test to find out if you're naturally reg or goofy.
    Eg. have someone push you in the back. If you step forward with your left foot you're regular. If you've skated, surfed, water skied you'll already know.

    Most people use a duck stance. A slight angle on your rear foot (-3 or -6 degrees) and slightly more on your front foot (+12 or +15). It's standard. Almost no one boards with feet at a right angle to the board as it limits your flexibility and increases toe and heal drag. Try squatting with your feet dead straight vs in a slight duck stance. Duck is heaps easier.

    Gear can be expensive but there is cheap stuff, ALDI :D
    Gear hire places are very good at sizing you up so hiring isn't really a pain at all.