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Any snake experts around ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. #1 Mickyb V9, Oct 4, 2008
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    Check this out ! :eek:


    Is it true ???
    F**k this shit ! . . its just heightened my fear of snakes to another level ! :LOL:

  2. oh then I guess you don't want to know that
    if you put its heart on a rock it will still beat until sunset
  3. i've had a bit of snake with head on it, slither off in to the scrub after chopping it with a chainsaw, whilst cutting wood.
  4. That's why you always "shovel" then near the head, then they have no way to propel themselves.

  5. Huh? :shock:
  6. i wonder if its real or cgi
  7. It is quite feasable the snake would survive for a short time and given someone has removed it's head with a shovel or axe etc it would be pissed off while still alive. Is this one real I don't know

    The best advice is to leave them alone and if they are in a dangerous position call a proffessional to remove them.
  8. That'd be real dude, its true they still live, it will probably live for a long time if it only lost part of its body, but the only head will prob still stay alive for 5 mins or so. I think because it has to do with how snakes brains are spread across there body or something. It still has nerves, like the tail will still move around by itself.

    I f*#Kin hate snakes, my neighbour has one, and he lets it out now and then. Fark that...
  9. eyw gross, that was yuk.......the only thing that makes me wonder if it's real or not, is the rubbish quality of vid, and the moo-ing at the end....erm....weird.

    Anyway, I should think it pretty dead personally, as in, not consious, as it would be unable to recieve oxygen to the brain......but nerves can twitch for quite some time after death, so could have been that. :cry: like coda said, get the proffesionals in, don't kill the snakes, not cool.
  10. thats why a lot of farmers have heavy chain for snakes, break their back and they die, cut them in half and they live.

    We had a chain connected to a axe handle to get snakes that were around the house. (eastern brown snakes seemed to love under our house)
  11. its just nerves triggering muscles on auto-response. After a bit of flapping about / biting, the muscles will wear out what energy reserves they have and stop.

    ive seen tiger snakes and red bellies do the same thing.
  12. Breaking their back will kill them but cutting them in half won't?????? :?: :?: :?: :shock: :shock: :shock: WTF? :? I want your drugs dude. :shock:

    If you cut them in half they will die just as easily. A severerd back is just as broken as a broken back. :wink: The reason you should try and aim the shovel for the neck is to remove any ability for the head end to move around as that is the dangerous bit that carries the venom. Decapitated animals do tend to run around a bit until they bleed out. Anyone who's killed thier own chickens for food will have seen this when they don't hold the legs tight enough.

    Going back to your statement though, WTF??? Where I grew up Farmers used chains for driving sprokets. Shot guns are what you use to kill a snake (not that you'd do that, cause it's illegal to kill a snake :wink: ). :)
  13. Seany, as a Man who grew up in the bush, I take your word. You can kill all of the snakes in here.
  14. +1 it's real. from some readings, in the middle ages conciousness was observed up to fifteen seconds after death. the test method was to ask the individual to focus on a certain point, until they totally expired.

    Snakes are ecothermic, or "cold blooded". Their blood is a great deal thicker and they are capable of a fair variation of climate. as such, it is perfectly feasible that a snake has the capabilities to function for an extended period in a low-oxygen environment.

    As for the "break one in half and it lives" bs - much like an earthworm, cut it in half... and it dies. As for extended agression, you'd be pretty pissed if someone lopped off your arm....

    As with all snakes, leave them alone and they'll leave you alone; you're too big for food. House raised snakes rarely bite in agression - only when they feel threatened or accidentally bite the hand that feeds them[/u]
  15. For an experienced snake-handler, contact your nearest male above the age of 15.
  16. 15! You were a late starter then. :LOL: :p