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Any shops open

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sebapl10, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Hi. Are there any dealers that are open on the weekends. I cannot make it during the week and most of the main dealers seemed to be closed on weekends.....looking to buy my first 600 before christmas.

    I need to test a few bijes to see how i feel on them (im a tall bloke)
  2. I've tested a few bijes in my time. Don't know if the shops are open though.
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  3. Bikes. I dont wantvto go to an inspection and waste peoples time. I would rather just sit on a few bikes at the dealer.

    Im keen for the gsxr600....

    Im 198cm tall....100kgs weight
  4. You will pay top dollar at a dealer, they are good to look at to see what you like, but that's about it.
  5. Dunno where you're from mate, but most dealers would be open on a Saturday - sometimes only until lunch but that still gives you a fair bit of time.
  6. Out of interest what do ride now and why the gixxer6?
  7. Ive been riding drz 400.

    Switch between the road and dirt.

    Always liked the gsxr over all the other bikes.

    I work till 12 pm on saturdays.
  8. Id love to buy one of the old cbr250rrs.

    Love them bikes. But my height...hehehe. ill look like a douche
  9. I'd go the cbr (i know you're not surprised) or the r6 over the gixxer as standard. I ride a gixxer6 at the track, but it's hardly standard and it costs dollars to get it there. I would however consider a gixxer750 as stock as a good compromise.
  10. Whats so bad about the gsxr?
    Ive been told by a few to just go for the r6 but ive always seen myself on the suzuki.

    Unfortunately the babyblades are a little uncomfortable for me. Not much difference between the 750 and 600...more high end torque...
  11. Melbourne...i work till 12 on saturdays. Even just a small shop will do where i can compare and sut on the bikes in one go
  12. Mate, Peter Stevens website says they are open until 4pm Saturday.

    Peter Stevens Motorcycles - Melbourne

    From memory most are similar. If not the city then Ringwood also had PS plus others.

    Shouldn't be hard.
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  13. Nothing mate, i've got an 07 that's a beast. But it's been a basic bike for years (stock) - which is why it's the cheapest track bike with no work done. The r6 is a peaky perky whole heap of fun above 7k rpm (but who wants to live in that zone 24/7?) and the cbr is a nicely refined blend of both - in my opinion.

    Whatever you choose it's got 2 wheels and you'll love it. Happy days.
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