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Any shooters in here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Anyone have any good info on what's involved in taking up recreational shooting on a range? I have been doing it with work for a while now and it is always good fun. Went through about 200 rounds of 9mm on Wed and had a ball. So I was thinking about looking into it outside of work. Not sure whether rifle or pistol is the go. I have fired both, 9mm pistol mainly over the last 10 years, rifles(SLR and Steyr) before that.

    Anyone involved in any clubs in Sydney or Canberra?
  2. yes, I (we) shoot.
    contact your local sports shooters assoc. to become involved.
    if you want to actually go hunting some time, rifles.
    if it is for play/skill/other pistol, in which case, look up the pistol club, or ask the SSA and they will tell you who and where.

    my weapon of choice-> 22-250 :grin:

    edit- http://snipurl.com/1rd01
  3. Contact the local branch of the SSAA - Sporting Shooters Association Australia...


    And learn how to clean your hand gun properly or you'll never shoot straight!!!
  4. Not involved, but always been interested in giving it a try. If you find somewhere in sydney let me know! :)
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  6. No fear there - 17 years of having to hand back military firearms after a shoot to an Armoury Sergeant tends to teach you what a good standard of weapon cleanliness is.
  7. Thanks for the info. Looks like I won't need to do the practical assessment - current serving ADF member.
  8. My mother was a world beater with a pistol and tried to get me into a little bit of target shooting (both pistol and rifle) but I found it boring. Competing would certainly help I imagine, but I was too young at the time.

    Hunting and general pest eradication is where it's at as far as I'm concerned. Once you get your license (it seems you don't already have one?), it's all about getting to know people with farms and access to land.

    .22 and .243 for me. Nothing fancy.
  9. I used to killl paper each month to stay sharp. Was a heap of fun.

    Till some idiot decided that he was going to fire 3 slugs through an H&K .50 CAL

    D A M N !!!!!!!!

    Recoil central.

    I handed the 3rd slug back, the .50 CAL is just nuts.

    I carried a S&W 60 J Frame 5 shot, tiny little piece, I secretly had an affair with it. Very sweet gun.
  10. G'day everyone,.....

    Perfect advice!!

    I would however replace the word 'weapon' with Rifle/handgun!

    Dr Who?
  11. funny you bought this up Gregg !

    I'm actually thinking of taking up Skeet shooting !
    . . . serious !
  12. Thanks Dr Who, fixed it for you.
    Lucky my Range Officer (Husband) didn't see that... I'd be in BIG Trouble!!

    Off to Millmerran in 2 weeks for a weekend of shooting and drinking...
    Yeehaw, gotta love a Redneck!!!
  13. I've shot on and off most of my life, latest pashion is IPSC and service match, borowing a 1911 in 38 super at the moment untill i get my full pistol licence
  14. Pretty handy with the mutton gun too, is our woodsy
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    G'day everyone,.......

    Hey Vic,...try this then,.....

    A Hannibal rifle,.. cal .577 T Rex.


    Slightly bigger than a .50 cal.

    Used for teaching rambunctious mice where thay belong in the food chain!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  16. What James Bonds' Walther P22 COULD look like if he blinged it!


    That's what I get to use next weekend!! Oh, and my Taurus 90-Two
  17. The best thing for any shooter to do is join the SSAA as they have competitions and social events for all the shooting sports. Once you have decided what you want to do you will then have to join a club. I have been shooting for 20 years and have shot air rifle and .22 in competition when I was a teen. I took up shot gunning (trap,skeet and sporting) when I was 18 and then decided to give pistol shooting a go when I was about 25. I handed in all my hand guns when the nutter cut loose at Monash Uni and the government put further restrictions on pistol shooters. My Glock 17 was to short by a couple of mm so was baned. I decided it was to hard to keep all my other pistols so handed them all in with my H licence. I still shoot shot guns (trap) when I can and go down the range with the rifles a couple of times a year. I found shot gunners the most receptive out of all the disciplines and skeet and sporting would have to be the most sociable as you can talk while shooting and walking around.
  18. G'day everyone,......


    A fully tricked out AR 15.
    Talk about 'Bling!'

    Dr Who?
  19. Next on my list of things to do is to get my Weapons License. My husband is a sporting shooter and spends whatever spare time he can at the range. Apparently I'm quite a good shot with a .22!!!
    I steer clear of anything bigger - the Clint Eastwood scared the crap outta me - flames shooting out on either side with a wicked recoil!!!!

    Dr Who do you own that monster??? Gotta friendly amourer who'd love to see that in the flesh!!
  20. That .577 T Rex has a bit of punch. I have shot a Taurus 5 shot revolver in .454 Casul and that was a handfull. I have a .577/450 Martini Henry from 1887 and that has next to no recoil.