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Any rock climbers??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by disassembled, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if there's any rock climbers on these forums, I used to do a lot of climbing in the blueys' before I moved to melbourne, but i've been deprived for about the last 12 months.

  2. Deprived or depraved, mate climbed for about 10 years all throught he grampians, hanging rock, arapillies and surrounds but havent done it for about 15. So I'm no help but the scene is huge. Head on down to Little Bourke St and pop into the climbing stores there, they have lots of clubs etc they can give you info on.

    have fun and hold on!
  3. I climb a little.
    Havn't climbed for a while (Dud sholder)
  4. I used to consider myself a climber. Was climbing before these new fangled gyms come around.

    These days I'm too fat and unfit to call myself a climber. Maybe when my daughter gets a bit older.
  5. OOH OOH Pick me Pick me!!! :grin:

    I've been climbing mainly towers for work for the past 5 years but would love to get back on the rock eventually.

    I heading back to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and was hoping to get back into the gym climbing to start with and was wondering who I was going to bribe to be my belay biatch.. :p

    PM me if your keen and we can tee something up! :grin:
  6. I goto Hard Rock in Nunawading occasionally.... less occasionally than i'd like actually... i love the climb, but not the decent (until i get lowered for at least 1 time)...

    Anyone else goto Hard Rock, or be interested in it?
  7. I was climbing out at Altona, but moved to HR for a while.
    Nice walls at both.
    I find that you need more endurance for teh HR walls, and better foot technique. That is my week point so i load the upper body to much and then have issues with my dodgey sholder
  8. I've been to altona a couple of times, but its just too far from me at the moment to warrant regular visits. :(

    Over the years i've grown fond of the slight overhangs, really challenging :)
  9. I'll be in it if you are!!! :grin: I'll be pumping out on the baby routes, but used to love the overhangs!!! What sort of heights are we dealing with there Booga?

    Do they have any lead routes too?
  10. Hmmm... heights, maybe 5 stories tall...

    yeah, they have a few lead routes, but i don't have my own equip yet, i just use the roof mounts.

    On the overhangs i love doing the cliffhanger hold and arch the back, makes it look real dramatic :LOL: :rofl:
  11. I'd be happy to head out to hard rock or altona for a bit of a thrash in the gym if anyone's interested.

    ('Course i'm kinda passively looking to recruit a vic climbing partner, for rock . Got enough gear to lead on sport routes or top roping)

    There's actually a vic climbing forums, but they tend to be a bunch of posers. The type who the first thing they tell you is what hardcore climbers they are. So I try to avoid that as much as possible. Pays to look elsewhere for these things, you never know your luck.

    Seriously though i'm looking for someone with the right attitude for a climbing partner. If anyone is interested in having a go, i'd be more than happy to show someone the ropes (so to speak)
  12. Count me in! :grin:
    I have a sport and trad rack. I haven't climbed in years, but would love to get back into it!

    Just gimme a couple of weeks to get down there!! :grin:
  13. Hey no prob, should be good for both of us to get back on some rock then! :D
  14. Where abouts are you in Melb??
  15. Hmmm, someones excited.. :p
  16. Hell Yeah!!! :LOL: Don't worry Paulie, we'll harness you up too and string you up somewhere so you don't miss out on the fun!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I've got a spare harness, and a little spare gear to go around. I'm NE By the way, near Eltham/Greensborough.
  18. Surely there must be more monkeys of the climbing kind around these parts???!!! :grin: :p
  19. I'm gunna chuck his name on here without his permission, so i might owe him an apology, but Pm Dot (Josh),
    he just got back from climbing in Tassy, might have yourself a candidate.

    I've been caving (luved it), but only have a passing curiosity for climbing, if the right circumstances came up, never know.
    Have fun now.

  20. My sister and her boyfriend climg every other weekend, mostly Gampians or Arapillies. Do you know about the site 'chockstone' (I imagine you would) or something similar?

    Plenty of places to climb :wink:

    ....or are you climbing the walls for other reasons, maybe, hence your desire to get back into rockclimbing? I'll shut up now! :p