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Any road protocols for new riders ??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Changa, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. G'day guys,

    the other day i was cruising through the Sydney Royal national park and whilst doing so, pulled over on a couple of occasions when other bikes were coming. I simply didn't want to slow them down.

    Is this kind of thing expected, or at least appreciated, and if so, are there any basic "protocols" which new riders could abide by ? Come to think of it, are there any general road courtesies which are considered appropriate ?

    I hope you understand what i'm getting at.


  2. Depends on who you ask.

    So you've asked a few hundred people so you'll get varying answers.

    For the open road, mine is to firstly make sure you feel safe doing whatever you decide is best to do. If that means ignore the rider behind you and let them decide how best to pass then that's just fine. If it means that you do (as you did) and pull over and stop to let them pass then that's fine too.

    However there are some "conventions". You can wave a faster rider past if you wish by moving to the left on a straight bit of road, easing off the throttle, and motioning with your right foot that they can pass (watch for a second or third rider behind them too).

    Also, do not tortoise it around corners and then fang it along the straight bits as this will simply cause the following rider frustration as most riders won't pass on the road in a corner because of the added danger. But a frustrated faster rider may get so annoyed that they stick their bike up your inside (ooh err) on a corner which is a recipe for all sorts of trouble for the inexperienced rider.

    But just be observant and courteous on the road.

    And ride safely and within your limits.

    Fun Ha!
  3. I am with you on not being a mobile chicane. Being a Scorpio rider it is unavoidable , I am always pulling over, for kids on bicycles, little old ladies driving B-doubles and 99% of the road population. Keep left unless overtaking. Feel stressed?, pull over. Look in your mirror and if all you see is "HTROWNEK", pull over. Looking to get warm, then get a pullover (geddit?).

    Play nice with others on the road - treat them as you would be treated (kindly and with out bumping into them)

    Oh and don't fall over.
  4. as you did, move over to the left, dont need to stop though, most will get the message. and kick your right foot out, also as said.

    i went out last weekend for my first big ride and though i kept a steady pace, a few faster guys came past and, as i have no desire to try keep up, moved to the left n they went past as soon as was safe :)
  5. Yeah man, no need to stop, just keep to one side and let em past.
    Its legal to pass another bike in the same lane, so make it safe and wave them through!
  6. This is taken from another thread - might help you a little.


    There ARE alot of d*ickheads on bikes that will ride poorly around you.
    Ie. If they are riding your arse, get rid of them asap, and stay intently focussed on YOUR ride. They pass in a flurry of screaming engine, at quite close quarters, etc. ( part of the testosterone brigade)
    Like I said, ditch them asap, and when they make their halfwit move, Zoom in on your own focus so their close proximity, doesn't distract you. There is absolutely no reason for you to let what YOU are doing, turn to crap, just because you're being passed. So don't watch the other bike as it passes you.

    A half decent rider will sit a little bit back from you in the right hand wheel track, and be passed you like shot with plenty of clearance, at the moment of best opportunity, and maybe a wave, if not too busy, himself.

    Ie: I'm on a thou. Passing an inexperienced rider on a small bike, is merely, a thought and it's done.
    THAT guy does NOT have to alter his ride dramatically on my account.
    Definitely assist by keeping leftish for a sneak pass opportunity if things are a bit tight and you want allow it, but otherwise forget about me (passing rider), and ride your ride.

    Signal me to pass when you want me to, or maintain your line, and I'll zip past when I can. :)
    Just do'nt ride erratically - be predictable.

    You can still pull over if you wish (nothing more annoying than someone sitting on your behind, that won't pass), but it will become a pain in the backside for you eventually. :))
  7. G'day guys,

    thanks for the posts. I'll remember to stick the right foot out.

    I went for a ride again today and - as before - had a couple of quicker guys come up. No drama.....pulled left, let the go - they appreciated it.

    It's good to know what's expected and what's not.