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any rides today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kryt, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. anyone got something planned for today wanna ride somewhere?

  2. Hi Kryt,
    Mate, I'm in Melbourne and being keen for a ride today also (beaut day here !) I might ask the same question, to anyone in Melbourne keen for a jolly.
    Don't mean to hijack your thread dude - just easier for all to seek from one location.

    C'mon folks, any takers for either a Sydney or Melbourne ride ?
  3. haha all good man
  4. Kryt, failing this - meet ya half way (say Albury) for a fang ? :) Bring on Daylight Savings (y)
  5. Just got back from a few laps around the Oaks/Oakdale and Picton etc .
    Should ask these things a little earlier. :angel:

    Got a nice long w/end coming up in 6 days though and so far the forecast is promising.

    Maybe I should organise something for us south westers ?

    Hmmmm :idea:
  6. I'd definitely be in a ride around the southwest, easy for me to get to there, i ride around the oaks and out to burragorang lookout a bit myself anyway. just heading out now for a kangaroo valley mac pass loop
  7. i ended up goin for a RNP strap down to thirul thirool how ever its spelt was good fun
  8. Dam i only jus seen this thread now i would of been up for a ride as i didnt do much today though i did rip off my exhaust and give it a fresh coat of hi temp black so looks much better now
  9. dam also only just saw this thread and hijacking but hey nickers330 hit me up 4 a ride next time if u want
  10. My youngest was on the puter all day..so I never got to see this thread..dammit! But it was a top day for a blat :D
  11. went down to lorne via deans marsh.


    i headed out with the idea of having a spirited ride.... i was cruising along not yet at the twisties when an rc8 (my favourite could realistic own bike) overtook me (me being self taught in the twisties) in the twisty section (and no 'more experienced' friends to learn from) i jumped at the chance and followed him, not too close.. i was well aware of that, but if that was you, and you were solo riding it rather spiritedly, would you get pissed off with a bike following you? took him a while to realise i was there. eventually he overtook a 4x4 with trailer and i didn't have the opportunity and lost him, so yeah, just wondering what your thoughts are?
  12. Kryt you're lucky you're not in Vic as you would have been spoilt for choice with a slow/short ride and a long/fast ride.
  13. @ shady knife, I did the same today. Just started following someone; not a race but for company and see how they took the corners. Think it was a duke monster. Hope they didn't mind, maybe some people like to ride alone? I'd be chuffed if someone followed me though
  14. I went for a great ride yesterday with a nice group of people. We did a lazy 420km. Wagga-Howlong-Beechworth-Myrtleford-Allans Flat-Albury-Wagga.

    Oh and shady knife, having some random following me doesn't bother me providing I'm not getting in their way, they aren't getting in my way or they aren't on a white BMW/FJR with fancy flashing lights.
  15. Ended up doing a ride (solo) through Christmas Hills, Yarra Valley, up towards Yea then turning off Melba Highway towards Kinglake. Parked on the side of the main street, witnessing an array of at least 20-30 bikes...awesome sight !
    As the day was a peach, kept riding for another 150 odd km's - hated putting the bike to bed at 6:30pm but work was calling.
    A satisfying 4.5 hour day out in the sun on 2 wheels perfectly set my spirits high for the 9hr flight to Hong Kong.
    But boy, do we have some great weather coming up ! I love this time of the year !
    Safe, happy riding, one and all !
  16. Add a bit more to your trip, Myrtleford to Bright, Then across the Tawonga Gap to Mt Beauty and then back up to NSW, Grouse road the Gap road,
  17. Planning on doing that, plus more (like a ride up Buffalo), later this year or early next year as an overnighter.

    The only thing the shytes me is the 80kmh zone between Myrtleford and Bright.