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Any rides this saturday?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Krooza, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. As a new learner i'm looking forward to my first group ride. Anybody planning anything in Melb for saturday (17 Sept)?

  2. Crashing over a mates place in Melb to discuss business. Probably go for a morning ride and then to the Expo.....

  3. Not this weekend for me, other than riding to the expo on Sat, Hey Mitch what time you going to be there.
    Myself and Mrs Scumbag are looking at getting there around opening time.(bad habit always get in early)
  4. going to the Expo.....
  5. Hey Scumbag, probably first thing in the morning as well.... Depends on how late I stay up. What time is opening time?
  6. Maybe going for a rip down the coast somewhere. Depending on the weather. Or Sunday. Or maybe both days. RDO Friday so why not go for a ride as well? 3 days of riding. How much better does it get?
  7. 10.00 a.m opening.
  8. Krooza, depending on the weather, I'm thinkin of riding somewhere around the West or maybe a casual ride around Christmas Hills.

    I will know around Friday...more than welcome to join me.

    How much experience do you have?? :)
  9. I'll be riding to expo getting there around 12ish & staying till they kick me out or with any luck getting locked in overnight! lol!

    Edit; I'll be going Saturday! Plan to do a Sth Gippsland ride to see Dad for fathers day on sunday! Yeah I know I'm late but I worked all day Father's Day so I've got catching up to do!
  10. I plan to go for a short ride before head to the Expo on Sunday morning, around Studley Park thru Yarra Blvd and along Alexandra Ave., then park in front of Exhibition Centre.

    Ohh... just wonder can we park in front of the exhibition centre during the motorcycle expo?

    I have nothing planned on Saturday, if the weather permit, I would like to go for a ride too, you can PM or MSN me, Krooza!
  11. vOOdsy, I've been riding for about a month. Mainly around melb and a bit up around warrandyte and research. I'm confident enough I think.
  12. Hehe..np krooza, thats plenty for a short burst through Christmas hills.

    I will have to wait around Friday before I make a final decision. :)