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any rides coming up?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by blackjixxer, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Hi all i'm new to your forum and looking for any upcoming rides. I went through your discussions but only found past events and coffee afternoons - just need to ride a little further than Rouse Hill although would like to do something like this to meet a few people if its still happening.

  2. will be a photoshoot ride coming up, middle of may, at the nasho

    introduce yourself in the welcome thread and get to know people :)
  3. maybe i come along..... what i would do to ride my firestorm... maybe only once
  4. we dont accept unlicensed riders :D
  5. Dam no licence and no bike soon, got a feeling this VTR is going to sell tomorrow , cant even go on a last ride....
  6. I've organised a ride on the 15th May leaving the Heathcote Caltex at 8.30am for Tarago. Mostly back roads there & back, including the 79km loop used in the 1924 Aust GP. Not suitable for L or P riders.
  7. I've heard Sydney riders rides are ok, although sometimes crowded. There are many groups that ride mid week. Also check RATS and NSW Riders.
  8. Hey mate,
    When is this Photoshoot ride? & where is Nasho??
  9. From what I've seen, not unless your a pretty serious rider on a 600 or a thou. I've come across them out on mountain rides before.

  10. pushed to june mate, Royal National Park
  11. What's RATS?
  12. Road and track bikes champ
  13. Ok, they look pretty serious.
  14. You lot missed a sensational ride. We had 18 starters in perfect weather, some brilliant roads, good company & the food & beer at the Tarago pub is great too.