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Any riders from the WESTERN part of victoria?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GMAN, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. :) guys i have noticed many riders r on the other side of the city,i am wondering who here in this forum is from the west???? :roll:

  2. I'm kinda north, but a lil bit west, in Sunbury.

  3. She's a little bit country , im a little bit rock and roll . Anyway , there r a few of us out the west . I know of at least 4 of us that r out werribee way , some from geelong.
  4. I'm in Footscray and I agree, this place is too east-centric. What's wrong with thigh high moccies and skin tight flannies? ;)
  5. Only thing is that your moccies aren't thigh high and your flannies are far from skin tight ;) :LOL:
  6. Whats RIGHT with them ???

    I think the Rider-formerly-known-as-Motard-Mitch is Geelong way, plus there's a bunch of us (myself included) in Werribee/Hoppers.
  7. I was referring to the lovely ladies :wink: .

    [quote="voyager'] Whats RIGHT with them ??? [/quote]

    Damn heathen! :p
  8. Mate, I don't need to SEE the flannel shirt stretched over a beer-gut to know its there. Likewise, if I thought thigh-high moccies were an adequate excuse for a boot, I'd wear them. Guess what? I'll keep my AlpineStars thanks.


    OK, OK, you got me... I'm just pissed they don't come in my size... :p
  9. I'm from Brunswick, which is kond of nirth-ish, but it's on this side of the river as opposed to those lot on the other side of the river. :p
  10. Another Werribeeite....used to be an easterner, but recently got converted :(

    East is good, lots of hills :D
  11. Wyndhamvale for me (I usually put Werribee as people usually have heard of it).
  12. Whyndamvale eh?....dats upper class werribee :wink:
  13. G-Man
    Im from Hillside, but you already knew that,
    Whats the news on your bike??
  14. thats the up wind side of the shit farm :wink: :LOL:
  15. full on westie here :p
  16. Coburg/Reservoir here so North westish I guess, born and raised in Geelong.

    Go Cats!!