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Any riders from Brisbane (surrounding)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by g6s0x0r, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Gday, just wondering if any riders around Bris area go on regular rides, track days etc?

    Picking up my new 600 k6 in a couple of days. Got a good deal cause it runout, but they always try screw you on the trade in.
    Also, anynoe had any experience with draggin jeans? As in do they protect you alright?

    Anyway I dont know anyone with a road bike so getting some info on places everyone goes would be good.

  2. g'day mate... welcome to NR... i'm in riverhills.... (westside) there is a few of us in bris on here mate :) just keep your eyes peeled and you'll see us pop up on here ;)
    as for draggins you will find more than a few threads on them and other jeans if you do a search....
  3. G'day bloke, we're starting to get organised with rides etc, Zac's post shows the thread.

    As for Draggins, I love em! had a coupla offs while wearing them, one minor, one wrote off my last bike,. The Jeans lasted better than the jacket (Cordura) and the bikes :shock:

    IMHO, next best thing to leathers, but more comfortable.

  4. thanks for the info, i'll cya's round there one night
  5. hey there.....lookin forward to meeting u at milton....or on one of muttly's rides.....or on other rides......i'm still a novice so happy to get whatever experience riding i can get.

    and as the other brissie people will testify - i'm happier in company than by myself when i'm ridin...... :)

    maybe u could come to the movie night?
  6. Hey there. Looking forward to meeting you. The QLD Netriders are finally starting to get some social things happening and it is very exciting. We seem to have a great group of people.