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Any recommended A+ RGV250 mechanic in melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bmxer, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. I had this bike two weeks ago and rode it abit when suddenly it went faulty
    last week. I left it for a while because been busy and now its time. I wonder
    if there is a very recommenced place here in melbourne to take it for diagnosis/fixing and then service?

  2. What died on it? Did the motor stop completely, did it misfire, did the lights stop?
  3. I would suggest trying Raceway Suzuki, they have a good reputation for working on soozi bikes and did a good job with my RGV250 and more recently on my Bandit 1200S.

    They are busy (probably because they have a good reputation) so don't expect to be able to drop the bike in on a days notice.
  4. +1 They do good work on my Bandit too. And ZRX1200R is right, they are very busy. So book ahead.
  5. Thanx guys. I was thinking to take it to Raceway Suzuki but thought would
    double check with what netriders forum say. But how well in advance do I
    need to book? Am planning to spare sometime to take it next week so 1
    week notice would be fine I guess? I have to probably arrange a trailer for
    it ... haven't tried jumpstart though ... ahh its a pain :(

    No idea as yet but was running fine when suddenly kept stalling and then
    had hard time to kickstart and warm up. The last time I forced a startup
    by throttling to 11 rpm when engine cold and now its dead and wont start
    what so ever!

  6. Last couple of times they needed a couple of weeks notice (they are good but busy as stated).