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Any recommendations for chain lube???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bugs, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Any recommendations for chain lube??? I have looked at an aerosol can of this stuff produced by Fuchs... $25... five cans of the stuff equal a new chain. I pondered the economics of that for about a minute and thought FI.

    I got down from the steaming jungles of FNQ on the 4th of June. So now I'm gainfully employed as a motorcycle courier... One way to run in a Dr. Z 400. Fun fun fun. :twisted:

  2. Motul's expensive stuff.

    I don't like anything that turns white and sticky.
  3. They last a long time. I can't remember the last can of chain lube I bought. That's beer for you.
  4. I swear by Aral KettenSpray
  5. Someone gave me some Motul, about $19 a can (large can) but it feels sticky as hell once the solvents evaporate, and it's a bastard to clean off.

    I like Silkolene Gel, white and liquid going on, and waxy but not sticky once solvent is evaporated. Minimal fling, and I find it lasts on the chain for quite a few km.
  6. scotoiler is the only way esp if you are racking up big kays
  7. +1. Quality chain lube seems pricey but if you use the cheap stuff (ie Castrol :evil: ) then you're going to chew through chains fairly fast, so in the end it's false economy.
  8. Anything but PJ1 Blue label and Maxim (I think it's called that) chain lube.

    Silkolene and Belray have been good to me so far.
  9. I've used Motul to date, but I agree it's hard stuff to clean off.

    I might give the Silkolene a go.
  10. I like motul. I find it a lot easier to clean off than belray.

    If the cleaning happens often, it's easier. :)
  11. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Clean off??? Am I supposed to?? I just spray every 500ks....have not cleaned it off? 6000ks now, ooops...any tips?

  12. Cleaning off is for people who like nice shiny bikes. I generally only clean what I need to to access or assess things mechanically.
  13. Only if you want the bike looking clean and shiny, otherwise don't worry about it - won't do any harm to anything (apart from adding weight to the bike ;)). Kerosene usually works well for removing chain lube from things.
  14. pheeew!! I clean the bits i can ( and some i cant ) see too....even tyre black the walls of the tyres ( not the tread )...but never thought about cleaning the chain...just as well not important then....anyone oput there that can teach/show me how to tighten chain tho, would be appreciated...
  15. Chain lube on the rear wheel, swingarm etc you don't have to worry about - but you should definitely clean the old lube off the chain before spraying more on (chain lube tends to pick up dirt and crap which turns it into an effective grinding paste). Old lube's easy to get off the chain just using a bit of kerosene and an old toothbrush - wipe with a rag and let dry then spray on a fresh coat.
  16. I had a zx9R chain last 40K+ km and still going strong on the standard Shell Chain lube - regular cleaning and application. But the lube would fling off.

    I'm using the pricier Motul stuff now and have become a convert - way less fling and chain is looking good.
  17. I have a Can of the shell stuff and it flings all over the back rim.