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Any recommendations for a 100cc+ Scooter under $3000??

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Umi, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently researching scooters, but there's so many out there it's hard to know where to start, especially with many different and sometimes conflicting reviews.
    Basically, what i'm looking for (if it's possible to find at all) is:
    **something around a 100cc or more (my bf reckons a 50cc
    would be less safe)

    **no more than $3000

    **can take a pillion occasionally

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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  3. Thanks for that ZRX1200R. Any idea how good they are? as far as mechanical etc ?

    I hadn't seen that site yet, so thanks for that.
  4. I have no personal experience with the Honda 100 scooter, the only Honda scooter I've ridden was the 50 (which is reliable but pretty slow, even for a 50).

    The 100 lead is a 4 stroke, so I wouldn't expect a performance machine but being a Honda the build quality is probably fairly high and the reliability should be excellent.

    There aren't a lot of scooters under $3000 new, and almost all of those are 50cc so you choice if you want something larger than a 50cc will be limited. Yamaha used to make an 80cc 2 stroke, but I'm not sure if they still do.
  5. I have a Lead 100.

    they hit 80-85km/hour top-speed cruising, costs me 6.50$ to fill up the tank (5 litres) and so far I've had mine since June and done 6000km's on it.

    Only problem with it is that I've had an accident on it and it's broken down three times now, the shop I was taking it to in the city (Sydney) sucked for service and repair work and didn't fix it properly.

    so it's now at another shop while Honda Australia investigate the problems with it. Other than that it's a great little scooter, but after only 6 months on it, I kinda want something faster.

    everyone said it, I will definately be going for a sports bike after a year or so I reckon.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I don't really care if it's new or not, just can't justify a scooter more than a few grand, as my fantastic car only cost me 2500. Although, now my bf mainly uses it for work as his car was written off not long ago and i thought a second car is a luxury when we only live 15min push bike ride from my work and i only need to and from transport.

    If anyone knows of anyone selling a scooter, i'm very interested : :grin:

    Just another Q - and thanks for the feedback knifepoint, does the lead carry a pillion ok?
  7. Why don't you use a pushie them?

    I have a friend who had a Lead and it was all right with a pillion in the city but I wouldn't go with a pillion to a freeway or motorway.

    BTW on ebay they are selling a Spacy 250 and it is going for $700ish atm. I was interested but it is in Melbourne.


  8. carries a pillion fine
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  10. The Yamaha BeeWee looks good.......does anyone have any other feedback on it? As far as top speed and carrying a pillion occasionally?

    Munecito - yeh i'd seen that bike.....maybe not quite what i was hoping for and has done a lot of k's. Thanks for that tho. I do currently ride a pushie or walk to work(takes 30-40min tho), but as i mainly finish late-ish, i don't feel very safe riding home at night so currently my bf picks me up, which is ok for now, but don't want to do it forever and would prefer having more transport options on my day off....
  11. Honda Spacy?

    There are still a few in pretty good nick around the place. They run forever, and still go reasonably hard. They are getting on a bit now, but still provide pretty decent bang for bucks.

    My Spacy has 65,000km on the clock and is showing absolutely no signs of quitting yet. I've read other forums (such as the excellent Honda CH250 forum on Yahoo) where some folks have claimed to have seen 100,000miles (160,000km) on their Spacys without a rebuild. Just keep the basics maintained, which isn't that hard on such an old scoot.

    If you can cope with the 80s kitsch look of the thing, you can't get much better for the money IMHO ... although, I WOULD consider the BeeWee in the unlikely event my Spacy implodes or something.

    Edit: This 1997 Honda Helix could be the go: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/HONDA-HELIX-...6QQihZ011QQcategoryZ32075QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    (basically the same as the Spacy, only newer)
  12. Hey Tone.

    I'm also on the market looking for a scooter and would love it to be a Spacy.

    It is for the wife but I'm going to have a blast on the thing too. I like the spacy because it is powerful enough and I always wanted one as a youngster. Well I also like the Helix but even if I find one it would be too long, wide for my tiny lady.

    Any pics of yours by any chance?

  13. Funny you should say that. I thought that the Spacy was a bit of a boat ... until I took a Majesty 250 for a spin. Nice scoot, but it just felt ponderous in comparison to the Spacy. The fact that the Maj is a bit of a challenge for tall people to get comfy on (the only position I found comfy was sitting back with my feet out front chopper-style) was also disappointing. Still, I can see why some people like 'em.


    Mine is in average condition. Note the broken bit just next to the right hand front indicator, I reckon this Spacy may have been dropped in a previous life. There's also a dent under the left hand side running board, although I have a feeling I might have put that there by refusing to slow down for speed humps. :twisted:

    I've seen a few that look considerably rougher than this, but I've also seen a couple that look really schmick.
  14. some don't have the windscreen at the top.. is there a reason for this? accident or just taken off?
    i might be in the market for one at a later stage as its cheap 250cc


  15. I bought a Honda Lead 100 six months ago, it's broken down 4 times in the last month. The build quality is not "poor" but feels pretty average. It's all made in India, parts from China.

    I bought it thinking "yes, Honda is a nice Japanese brand, nice and reliable"

    wrong. Even Honda have outsourced all work to India and Japan, much like the rest of the world.
  16. I believe the windscreen may have been either an optional extra, or deleted with later models. My Spacy is a 1985 model (one of the earliest ones sold in Australia), and there were some running changes during the Spacy's life, right up until it was replaced with the CN250 (Helix) in 1989.

    The other (slightly) special thing about this Spacy is that it has a digital speedo - I'm not sure if this was standard for the 1985 model year or if this was an optional extra, but the digital speedo is quite rare on Aussie Spacys from what I can gather.
  17. I didn't know the Helix replaced the Spacy here. Where I come from they were sold as different models, different market targets.

  18. Just to clarify a point I made earlier ... technically speaking, the Spacy wasn't replaced in Australia. The CN250 (Helix) superceded the CH250 (Spacy) in 1989, but - as far as I know - the CN250 was never officially sold by Honda in Australia.

    I recall reading somewhere that the Spacy didn't sell as well as Honda Australia would have liked, hence no Helix for us (many Australians didn't seem to 'get' what big scooters were about back then). From what I can gather, the next attempt at selling a maxi scoot to Australians was Yamaha's YP250 Majesty in 1997, which is still on the market today.