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Any reasons not to buy a FZ6S

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smidge, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. looking at a 06-08 model Yamaha FZ6s, any particular points of interest that a prospective buyer should know about?

    I'm off my restrictions soon and find my vtr250 just a bit too cramped, i don't want an all out faired sports bike as i commute and do the occasional tour

    any thing anyone has to add would be great to hear

  2. I've heard they're not that much different to the R6 and I should just go the R6 instead. In terms of, the FZ6 isn't as upright as you'd think, apparently.

    I was considering a FZ6/1 or a Z750 for your exact same reasons.

    I want to test ride an FZ6, R6 and a Z750 so I can know for sure myself.
  3. The test ride would be a good idea. The FZ6 has a very upright (more so than most other bikes) riding position. There is nothing similar about it to the riding position of an R6 at all.

    FWIW, the FZ6 is a fantasic bike. :)
  4. Go for it. These things are pretty bullet proof if maintained.
    They can cope with a thrashing every now and then too.
  5. the local bike shop happened to have one out the front thats owned by the owners wife, i had a look at it and started it up, looks like a logical next step from my VTR

    unfortunately can't test ride one yet with the restrictions, i guess thats why i'm asking others thoughts instead of making up my own mind

    something to aim for anyway
  6. The FZ1? :wink:
  7. Very average bike and a very average ride. But it is a very average price.
    This kind of model is excellent for the commuter who wants to travel at highway speeds but don't expect any handling out of it like a sports bike.

    For the comment about the FZ6 being like the R6 :roll:

  8. My issue with the FZ6 is that apparently it still has a very sportsbike style power curve, with most of the power in a narrow band near the top of the rev range. It rides and is shaped like a good all-rounder, but you have to rev the ring off it. Almost all its competitors are more tractable for commuting.
  9. I'd like to add to this post. If you ride on the road -average Australian bumpy backroads and freeways, the FZ6 will be every bit as quick as an R6. If you want to race or do track days the R6 is the pick. The question is, what do you want to do with the bike?
  10. The FZ6 felt like a naked sports bike ,you got to rev it and ride it hard to enjoy it ,if you want to ride to work and spend time in the city its not the best of the bikes in this market.

    Not great for touring on the naked bike with out a fairing ,but a $200 after market screen helps .
    If you want to tour on one ,the pipes are under the seat and it gets hot for a pillion and hard to find large bags to fit it.

    Other bikes in this market are the Suzuki SV650 or maybe the new 650 Gladius.
    Kawasaki ER6N .

    I'd pick either of them over the FZ6 for riding to work and tour every now and again.
    Just my 1c. :wink:
  11. I'm after a nice upright commuter 600-1000 as I'll be commuting and I'll also be taking some long rides to the holiday home.

    The person I talked to basically said what's mentioned above, the FZ6 is an R6 without fairings and that I'm just as likely to have a sore back from riding it. Prety much that it's not a true naked.

    Can anyone recommend a bike with some nice down low balls that's fit for my purposes?

    Any owners of FZ's here at all? Anyone know how the other makes shape up in comparison?
  12. er6f or n. Top little jiggers.
  13. You said "person" .... speak to more people (plural) as to re-inforce what has already been stated, these are NOT the same bikes at all. I own an FZ1, I spend many hours in the saddle, I do not have a sore back. My back protested on the TEST RIDE of an R6 after 1/2 an hour so clearly there is a difference in riding position (yet again has already been pointed out to you prior) so I think you should probably start digging around for some more info from more reliable sources.

    Good Hunting
  14. The person you talked to knows about 4/5ths of jack shit. The R6 is a sports bike and has an agressive forward leaning body position. The FZ6 is a sports tourer with a bolt upright body position. Seriously, I've ridden dirt bikes with more forward lean than the FZ6.

    Go sit on the bikes to find out for your self and stop repeating the sensless rantings you hear from crazy drunks in the street.

    +1 to testing the competition... I prefer the ER-6 but everyone's different. :)
  15. Repeating other peoples views to knowledgable people is the best way to find is there's any substance to their claims.

    Sounds like there isn't in this situation.

    The other thing, which is probably the wrong reason to buy a bike but still, is that I want it to cane my mates done up SS. He's got the bolt ons, tune, etc and the thing friggin goes like the clappers.

    Are the nakeds with their down low delivery a lot slower than the 600 sportsbikes? They should do 0-100 in 4 seconds wouldn't they?
  16. Have you considered the CB900? I test rode one whilst I was in denial about the fact that I only had $5,000, not the $9ish grand they were worth second hand at the time.

    Remarkable bike IMO. The engine has a solid midrange but still rewards you for reving it right out, just not as much as a proper sports bike. S-U-P-E-R-B riding position. Upright, comfortable and with wide bars, but still managing to be narrow enough for confident filtering.

    It's a naked, so forget about weather protection, but an aftermarket screen can help that.

    I didn't ride it for all that long, but it left an impression as a silky smooth easy to live with bike that was capable of rapid progress in the REAL world of bumpy roads and traffic. Also, reviewers state that the high-rise mufflers don't become a heat issue.

    Just some food for thought.
  17. I had a 2005 FZ6s for 2 1/2 years and put 35,000kms on it. No sore back and a great bike. I did mostly highway miles on it and when I had my gf on the back there were no complaints about possition. A ventura rack and bag will sort out luggage problems too.

    The FZ6s has a very upright riding possition compared to the R6 and will give it a run for it's money from a set of lights. Fuel wise you should get about 230 - 260kms from a tank depending on your riding style. Top speed of 247kph... :grin:

    I would reccomend the FZ6s to anyone coming off restrictions..

    I have recently upgraded to a 2008 FZ1s and it is absolutely fantastic.
  18. I would also consider 675cc Triumph Street-Triple if you're doing lots of commuting. Its not as revvy as FZ6n and should be awesome for weekend blast too.