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Any reason to buy a CBF 250 Honda, at all?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Audible, May 12, 2008.

  1. Comparing the closest bike to the honda, the Yamaha Scorpio, these two bikes are very similar.
    223cc versus 236cc, 5 speed box and disc front drum rear brakes. The Honda is a little bit bigger and heavier which might help stability. Bling wise the honda gets 5 spoke alloy wheels and go faster plastic bits stuck to the fuel tank. Yamaha is behind a bit with it's steel/spoked wheels but makes a bit back with centre stand and stick on graphics.

    Overall the two bikes are pretty similar except for one glaring point. Price. $4,150 ride away for a 08 scorpio versus Honda at $6,200 ride away. Over 2 grand difference.

    I can't see any reason to justify the extra 2 kay for the Honda. Not unless there is some build quality differences between the two, or the honda is equipped with an gold plated instrument cluster or something.
    Or is it just because it's a honda?

    So does anybody have a reason to recommend buying the CBF 250 for any reason?
  2. Yes. I'd take the cbf over the scorpio if the price wasn't a factor. 4k ride away? The price infers serious cost cutting, build quality is the first to go.

    But I'd go the scorp, because its a bargain :grin:
  3. Given the scorpio is so cheap, I can justify a short term ownership to the wife. 12 months on the scoprio then upgrade. If I was to pop for a dearer bike, Ninja, VTR, (cough) hyosung, etc, The wife would make me wait longer before buying a better bike.

    But still. At upgrade day I still have to look at change over costs. I'm worried the resale on the honda will be undermined by the scorpio. Who would pay much more than 4 kay for a second hand CBF 250 when you can get a new scorpio for the same dosh? If both would loose about $1,200 - $1,500 at resale, I might spring for the better Honda, but I can't see a CBF being worth 5 kay, not with scorpio now being 4 kay ride away.

    Edit. Search on bike sales for CBFhttp://www.bikesales.com.au/as/sear...lID=2574&minPrice=&maxPrice=&state=&x=76&y=18
  4. Both are shi##ty. Go the GS500.
  5. Can't. I'm in W.A. No L.A.M.S. here yet so It's a 250cc or smaller. It wouldn't be a discussion if I could buy a GS500F or even honda's new super 4.
  6. Agree, both look like they would struggle to make 110. GS with usable power FTW!
  7. I'd go almost any 2 or 4 cyl 250 in good conditon for 4 grand then one of those 2. Both are seriously average bikes and something like a vtr250 (or virtually any other 250) will hand either of them their arse. That said, i do understand the attraction of buying new, but 4 grand will get you a 250 in real good nick with heaps of reliable life left.
  8. Might be that way east, but from what I have seen, 4 grand gets you a 10 year old plus high kay scratched up ride. About 5 kay gets you something decent like a 1996 Across in good nick. I've yet to hear of a VTR under 6 grand that was for sale for more than a few hours. You have to be quick for second hand VTR's!
  9. I considered the scorpio when researching to buy my first bike, then quickly reconsidered once I saw it in the metal.


    I'm with P-P on this one, both are crap. Don't forget that the CBF is not a 'real' Honda - it is made in Brazil, not Japan. Get a used VTR, or GPX or ZZR if you want to spend a little less.
  10. Hmm ok, must be an example of the old 'Perth premium' at work!
    I'd still rather have a decent second hand 250 then a new scorpio or a cbf.
  11. Get a second hand VTR and when it comes time to upgrade get back nearly what you paid for it, you are certainly going to take a big hit in depreciation on the other two.

    Haven't ridden the Scorpio but couldn't wait to get off the CBF.
  12. You can buy my VTR250- I'll even ride it to Perth for you - if you can wait till September ;)

    It's an 07 model - red with gold wheels...awesome. haha.
  13. Never said I wasn't considering a good second hand bike. If I can find one, I'll probably grab it. Been looking for 2-3 weeks so far.
    I'm also still considering the ninja as well. Probably the best resale of all of them because basically, it's the only decent 250cc left on the market (cruisers aside) so demand will be high for good second handers = good prices.

    And I am also considering getting an Hyosung! If somebody is considering giving one away for free, it might be worth it. Well, maybe. (just for all you hyodung bashers out there! )
  14. There's a thread with Scorpio owner's reports (including mine!) in this forum a couple of months ago. You may be interested.
  15. Look at gpxs.. I know someone who scored a 4 grand 2007 gpx250 with bugger all kms.
  16. AlGroover

    Yeah, I did spot that. It was due to some of those comments as to why I am considering the Scorpio. Your still happy with yours?


    GPX is second on my second had wish list, right after VTR. Well, along with ZZR, anyway, I've yet to see a second hand 06/07 GPX for under 5 grand here in perth.

    While on the subject of looking for a second hand 250, is there any other places to check besides bikesales (which is down atm), ebay, quokka, bikepoint, autotrader and bike trader mag? [/b]
  17. Where are these bikes built?
  18. Mine's had no problems at all, although 2500 km is hardly a test of long term reliability. I must admit the Honda is prettier and I can't comment on the performance because I haven't ridden one but a 50% price premium? Your choice. Test ride both.
  19. The cbf is built in Brazil. I'm not sure about the scorpio, Thailand perhaps? I wouldn't think thats its made in Japan, though what would i know :grin:
  20. Scorpio is made in Indonesia.
    It's the CBR125 that's made in Thailand.