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Any reason that cause bad mileage

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cheston3, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I usually do 180km on 12litres on my 1991 CBR 250 RR. but recently after a service, i dont know what they did wrong

    i only do 44km on 10 Litre.. yes worse than a bloddy ferrari.

    I call up, but the warranty was over so they are not going to be bothered with me anymore since the service was a month back. but after i get the bike, i was out of the country for a business trip. I only recently got back and rode my bike and found these problems. It is harder to start, which is not normal and it will not idle properly, die after 1 min of idle even after warming up. but the ultimate cut off point was the ridiculous fuel consumption.

    Can someone guide me on how to troubleshoot on what might go wrong?
    Anyway, they claim they clean the carby, change the plugs, change the back brake pads.

    but i suspect the back brake is slightly touching the disc, but i dont really know how to check. can someone guide me? the stupid cant idle i still need pointers as well

  2. Does it have fuel Injection or Carbies?
  3. Perhaps choke stuck/not connected properly. Or idle way too high, or did something funny with the jetting if they did a service, but the first few things are more likely.

    180kms for 13L is good for you? Wow my 'thirsty' 650 gets 240 from 12-13L
  4. let's see where to start the list.....

    dirty air filter
    old plugs
    carbies clogged with contaminants
    incorrect jetting
    change in exhaust without adjusting jetting
    choke stuck on
    oil not changed
    chain incorrectly adjusted
    worn sprockets
    stale fuel

    To check if your back brakes are binding, get the rear up on a stand, bike in neutral and spin the wheel with your hand, you'll hear it rubbing if that is the problem.
  5. Gotta be a leak there somewhere.
  6. oh ya, white smoke start to come out from my exhaust, does this help in anyway?
  7. The symptoms you describe are entirely consistent with the choke being stuck on. If it came on suddenly when the bike was serviced, I'd be asking whether the choke cable's been pinched under the tank or disconnected and incorrectly reconnected or something.
  8. :WStupid:
  9. Yep. Choke. It should feel doughy to ride.
  10. hmmm, will take up the tank to check, anyway, does anyone have a cheap and reliable mechanic near the Melbourne city that i go to? if it is not the clutch being pinned, i will have to bring it to someone professional to "take a look"
  11. How about a few PMs and some friendly Melbourne Netrider having a look?
  12. Excessive fuel out the exhaust is usually associated with 'black' smoke. It will have a strong smell and sting your eyes.

    This may be your problem .. jack up the rear wheel as see if it spins freely.
    Could be a sticky caliper.

    << reading this tells me it's your carb :?
  13. damn it, i dont have the wheel jack to start off with. does anyone staying near the city has it? and have time to help me trouble shoot. :p feel free to pm me..
  14. At 44kms for 10 litres I would first be looking for a fuel leak somewhere :LOL: :LOL: There is no way a 250 could run and burn that much fuel.
  15. i last top up and ride on tuesday, but i went to check just now, the fuel tank is still full up, so not direct leakage, wat kind of leakage do you think it is? how do i check it?
  16. oh yes, i remember something now, my bike was giving out smoke under my tank the other day after i got back. i think is it just steam cause of the weather. i think i need someone to take a close look soon, be a friendly netrider or a cheap reliable mechanic.

  17. Light a match.

    Please I'm joking don't do it!
  18. nice, i will give it a try. hahaha.. any more suggestion
  19. just brought my bike in to PS(city). they better not charge anything to me since they last mingle with it, else it will be the last time i will visit them. maybe the last time anyone will see the brand new workshop(burn it). :p hahaha